Friday, December 05, 2008

Urge to kill ... rising



Houston Nutt's a good coach. But we know exactly who and what he is, and what he is not is someone who keeps his teams in the mix on a regular basis. He is not the right choice.

Home run hire? Bloop single to shallow left. For the love of everything holy, Auburn, swing for the fences.

UPDATE: Via Woodberry, Ole Miss's AD and chancellor just met with Nutt and acted like two guys whose coach might actually a threat to walk out the door.

I don't know if I agree with Will that this would be the biggest mistake in Auburn football history, but there's no question this would be a disaster that would immediately set Auburn back to the Arkansas/Ole Miss/Kentucky "Hey, I hope we make a bowl this year" level for years and years to come. That is Nutt's level. It's not necessarily anything to be ashamed of (though the lack of discipline Will mentions certainly is), but he has proven it over a number of years. That is where he will take us. Why the Auburn administration is even considering this, I have no idea. If we were going to grab a coach out of Mississippi, I'd rather have Larry Fedora--at least we'd have some hope we'd have something special.

I can't believe I'm even discussing this. Jay Jacobs, I swear, if this happens, I think I might just have to join the torch-and-pitchfork bunch myself. Might even wedge my way towards the front if I could.

UPDATE: So I just remembered that Nutt is also a Jimmy Sexton client, which means this whole thing is 99 percent likely to be nothing but hot air. Urge to kill ... steady.

Also, you've probably seen it already, but some random Panama City newsblogger is claiming Leach is close to a deal. Forgive me if I'm not exactly taking the word of someone this apparently removed from the situation as the gospel truth just yet.


jrsuicide said...

NO!!!!!! i love Nutt for what he is...that crazy ass loon who can pull a good upset out of his ass, but are they serious? i do not wish to be Nutted upon every saturday. also Jimbo Fisher inspires BLAH for me. i have always found him to be highly overrated.

jrsuicide said...

LEACH LEACH LEACH LEACH LEACH. Call me crazy but i wanna be a Pirate school. the chance for failure would be high...but damn it would be glorious.

PowerOfDixieland said...

Please god, no! Bloop single to left? How about reaching first on an throwing error after a sacrifice bunt attempt?

gerry dorsey said...

jerry you may have well covered it, but i can barely keep up with all the content of do you feel about jimbo as a candidate??

Jerry Hinnen said...

POD, you're probably more accurate.

gerry, working on that as we speak.

gerry dorsey said...

you boys see this??

leach on his way??

what_would_shug_do said...

that was posted last night and is likely more of an unproven rumor than actual news report.

i think they are attracted to leach, but are unsure how well he'll fit into the auburn system with all his quarks and antics.

hell, we went from pat dye to terry bowden and won our first 20-games. i say we try to make it happen, but try to have him keep rhode on as as dc for team stability.

Razorback Expats said...

"the Arkansas/Ole Miss/Kentucky 'Hey, I hope we make a bowl this year' level"

Hey, I resent that remark! You might even force me to note that the Hogs have beaten you guys 2 out of the last 3 years, and have been to the SEC championship game more recently than you have as well.

But, I know that Auburn fans are in a rough mental state right now so I won't go there.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Yeah, RE, I know that sounded arrogant. But we've missed five bowls (for non-probation reasons) in the last 27 years. You guys have missed three this decade and 10 total in the same timeframe. Frogive me, but I think the expectations are different at our two schools, even if maybe the specific comment wasn't framed as well it could have been.

Sullivan013 said...

Oh great, lose Kent and in his place choose Dogberry.

Jerry Hinnen said...

English major LOL @ Sully

Xavier said...

Make a bold move Auburn! Jimbo is familiar and safe but the upside just isn't there. And no "nuts"


A united method said...

guffaw. If Jimbo returns to the Plains, a source with knowledge of the situation has already expressed interest in seeing Candi Fisher around Auburn again.