Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

OK, so, this may seem a bit early, but ... the Mrs. JCCW and yours truly are taking off tomorrow for a Christmas holiday with family on the East coast, and I have no idea how much blogging there's going to be between now and our return on the 26th. My guess is: maybe some, especially if/when the coaching staff fills out. But not a lot.

This will be your country mouse Auburn Blogger's first trip to New York, so wish me luck I don't get myself hit by a bus or anything. Actually, don't do that: we're getting there by driving through Canada and down past Niagara Falls. In December. Canada. So skip the wish-lucking, and pray we don't freeze to death in a ditch somewhere. That would be better.

OK, three things I need you to do for me while I'm gone:

1. Don't you dare fall for that big-media line about there being "too many bowls." These are the last crumbs, the final few morsels of college football we get until going without for eight freaking months, and you should love all of them unconditionally. OK, so even I wouldn't carve out any plans to watch Louisiana Tech-Northern Illinois, but no one's strapping you down Clockwork-Orange-style and forcing you to watch, are they? I say if a bunch of nutso civic-minded businessmen want to blow a wad of cash on a game no will watch but that will feel like a reward to two bunches of kids who have worked their tails off all season and deserve some kind of thanks for it, by all means, be my guest.

2. Understand, dearest readers, how much your support means to me and this weblog. As you might imagine, the last couple of weeks have been very good for the JCCW's traffic numbers, but even better has been the seasonlong flow of unnecessarily kind comments and e-mails and even, for a little while there, ticket offers. (Speaking of e-mails, I have a metric ton of them in my inbox I swear I'll get to over the next few weeks. If you're expecting to hear from me: Sorry. It'll happen.) The goal here is just to give you one more place to read something worthwhile, or maybe sometimes better than worthwhile, about this cra-hay-hayzy Auburn football team we all love so much for reasons none of us can really explain--that so many of you seem to think I'm doing something sorta right in regards to that goal is humbling. Every last one of you is awesome. Even the Tide fans. Some of them.

3. If you're not watching the entire 30-minute version at some point this holiday season, spend 10 minutes--or at the very least five minutes picking it up at the 4:00 mark--watching this:

Merry Christmas, everyone. See you soon.


Greg said...

War Eagle!

Hobbes said...

Merry Christmas Jerry. Drive Safe. Stay warm.

And Goldberg just shot down the Davis to Auburn story, something about Haliburton in there as well.

Also Iggy says hi from the WAHAB and says you need re-education on how to link post (or poast as we like to say) from the WAB.

au80, the guy who had the Davis story, has a poast worth reading though.
Mash here

easyedwin said...

Same to you all. Thanks and WDE from section 35!

TideDruid said...

Merry Christmas!

BTW, I noticed your post about Snow in the upper midwest. My fiancee went to Chi-town for a conference and was so excited about seeing snow. She called me today cursing the sky above for pouring white hate onto her.

AKA, she doesn't like snow and cold weather.

61northak said...

Southern Ontario? That's not even really winter.

If you want real winter, try driving up to Alaska. Several years ago, I drove a 39 foot U-Haul up the Alaska highway in late October. I really was worried about freezing to death in a ditch or driving over a mountain cliff.

Southern Ontario is for wimps.


War Eagle Atlanta said...

A little link love over at Fanblogs today!