Wednesday, December 10, 2008

State moves

Per the Clarion-Ledger's Kyle Veazey, Dan Mullen is your next coach at Mississippi St.

This is bad news on the Auburn front for two reasons:

1. Mullen is going to turn State's offense into something other teams are actually going to have to make an effort to stop, and perhaps something they won't stop even with an effort. If Mullen can find someone, anyone, to keep the ever-stout Bulldog defense mostly intact ... State is about to get even more annoying for the top of the conference than they already were. I'll be very, very surprised if this isn't a very good hire for State.

2. Well, not so much bad on the Auburn front as on the JCCW front, but I had this crazy idea I was going to put forward that Auburn could possibly hire Strong and Mullen as sort of co-head coaches, making Strong the nominal head coach but limiting his salary a bit in order to offer Mullen a substantial raise and the title as a carrot for the latter. And voila, we're Florida North. This is a ridiculous suggestion, but trying to jump through the logical hoops to make it seem plausible would have been fun. C'est la vie. You'll have to settle for the Coachapalooza post I'm in the middle of banging out instead.

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Anonymous said...

Why was Mullen never on the radar for us? Is there some obvious reason he wouldn't have been a "good fit" at Auburn? (I'm really starting to hate that phrase since it appears to mean nothing more than "I'm old and unimaginative and touchdowns angry up my blood.)