Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Trails

So, yeah, losing both Sen'Derrick Marks and Antonio Coleman to the draft sucks. (Yes, we're losing Coleman. You don't call a press conference celebration in front of all your friends and family back home to announce they're not going to be sharing in the million-dollar spoils of the NFL for another year.) They would have been awesome next season. Chizik needs all the help he can get. A defense with a Malzahn offense on the other side, let's be honest, probably needs all the help it can get, too.

But I wish Marks and Coleman nothing but the best. Not that anyone from Auburn is arguing either should stick around, but I always find it astonishingly easy for fans to say a certain player or two should remain for their senior season when leaving for the NFL represents something like a 3,567 percent raise. Let's say you love your job the way these players (we hope) love Auburn. How often are you going to turn down a 3,567 percent raise, especially if the job you'd be leaving for happens to be one you've had your eye on since you were a little kid, even if might not be quite as fun as your current job? My guess is that 3,567 percent is going to speak pretty loudly.

So the JCCW hopes Marks and Coleman rock the NFL's world--Marks, in particular, should be a very, very rich gentleman in the near future--and wishes them as much luck as they can stand.

Mike Blanc, Jake Ricks, Raven Gray, Antoine Carter? You guys are on the clock.


jrsuicide said...

With Marks leaving there was no surprise, top end defensive tackles are always in need...but Coleman sort of surprises me. He's a 4th round pick tops, id have liked to see him come back...regardless I hope theu both make bank and i'd love for the Falcons to steal Marks in the 2nd round and help out that run defense. War eagle to both of them. Here's to hoping Raven Grey is worth those 5 stars that were attached to his name.

easyedwin said...

Agh! A degree is out of the question, I am guessing. WDE and good luck.