Wednesday, December 03, 2008

For the record ...

... regarding the rumor swirl:

1. Remember that the TV report out of Arkansas last year that Tubby had taken the Hog job had more credibility than any source that's yet reported Tubby's out today.

2. The word on the ground is that the assistants are not cleaning out their desks or generally acting fired.

3. Jacobs didn't expect a resolution until the end of the week; why would he and Tubby have suddenly accelerated that timetable?

I've sure as hell been wrong before, but the guess here is that nothing gets decided/resolved either way until late tomorrow afternoon at the earliest and probably not until later than that.

UPDATE, and not one that reflects well on the position above: K-Scar is reporting Auburn's started sending out feelers to Leach and Petrino should talks break down with Tubby (or, I suppose, if they've already broken down and all that's left is the shoutin').

Honestly, if the breakdown is a genuine possibility--and if wasn't before, I feel pretty certain in saying it is now--I don't have a huge problem with someone at Auburn trying to take the first step towards making a replacement hire. The sooner the process starts, the better, and let's make clear right now there's a big difference between some associate of the AD at Auburn giving some associate of Leach's a ring and asking if Leach would talk to us vs., well, Jetgate. But for God's sake keep it quiet and if you can't keep it quiet, don't do it at all. Tubby doesn't deserve this. Never has. Never will.

Should I comment on the two two names mentioned? My feelings on Leach you can guess by scrolling down, but I don't want a mercenary like Petrino anywhere near Auburn's football team. We're not that desperate. At least, I hope we're not.

Still hoping all this gets put behind us and Tubby gets his mulligan. Looking less likely by the hour, though. This sucks.

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