Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 More Reasons Gene Chizik Will Win at Auburn, No. 1: Auburn

Optimism Day is almost over. Our fifth and final new reason that Gene Chizik will at Auburn is ... drum roll please ...

Coaches can win at Auburn.

I think it's fair to characterize the Auburn tenure of two of Auburn's last three head football coaches as wildly successful. It's fair to say the other, at the very least, had his moments. It's fair to call those first two very, very good football coaches, and admit that the third could, at the very least, draw up some good offensive plays.

But if those first two men made the job, and the third at least did for a while, it's also fair to say: perhaps, to some extent, the job made them as well. Perhaps what what made the first two men successful wasn't only the abundant talents they shared, but, to some much smaller degree, the position they shared as well.

I m not suggesting that Auburn football will succeed even in the face of poor head coaching. But I do think it can help make poor head coaching a little less poor, perfectly mediocre head coaching something slightly above perfectly mediocre, good head coaching a little better, great head coaching a little greater.

I do not know what kind of head coaching Gene Chizik will provide. But his head coaching will be helped by being the head coach at Auburn. I believe this. Even now, even today, I believe this.

Hope you enjoyed Optimism Day, folks. See ya tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this be number 1 and not number 5? Seeing as how its a down down, not a count up.

Jerry Hinnen said...

I'm an idiot.

Chizzed on said...

As a long-suffering Cyclone football fan, allow me to present my perspective of the Gene Chizik Auburn defection:

Initally, Cyclone nation was ecstatic when Chizik was hired. His presence here allowed our AD to nearly double our athletic program budget, at that time of his hire it was the lowest in the Big 12.

That's the only positive comment I can make about the man. Gene Chizik promised the Cyclones a winning program. In a press conference prior to leaving for Auburn he publically professed his love for Ames, for Iowa, for the students, faculty, alumni and boosters. Mr. Chizik told ISU fans he'd do what it took as long as it took to turn the program around.

And then without warning he bailed...QUIT.

Good riddance to Chizik. And I'm truly sorry that Auburn ended up with this guy. His actions here clearly demonstrated he can't be trusted, lacks character, has questionable values and low integrity. If he had any balls at all he would have finished what he started and made good on his promises. Instead, he runs away at the first opportunity.

These aren't values you look for in a head coach. Maybe I'm wrong...he might become a great head coach. But his recent actions at ISU indicate differently.

Right now, I'd give him 2 years at Auburn...after he 'Chizzes' all over you like he did ISU and runs the program into the ground dump his sorry ass and get someone who you'd be proud to call Coach.