Friday, December 05, 2008

End of the day

OK, so I'm working on Coachapalooza, the Brian Kelly edition, but it's not getting finished today. So I'll leave you for today with a couple of worthwhile links and call it an evening:

--The Great Nutt Panic of 2008 lasted all of a day, thank everything holy, as Sexton got his man a raise and extension in what had to have been record time. I hate Jimmy Sexton, but do you know who I hate worse? Newspaper reporters who year-after-year report Sexton's rumormongering as the stone-cold truth. I hate them almost as much as I hate myself for buying in. (Note that this doesn't change the disappointment aimed in Jacobs' direction below: I'm not convinced a Fisher hire would be such a hot idea either, and Leach should unquestionably be in the mix.)

--Via Wire Road & Shug, it's the cocktail napkin Jacobs is using as his cheat sheet during the search:

Someone is brilliant.

--Via Blutarsky, the HOT RUMOR is that Chris Petersen will get the Miss. St. job. It's as rumoriffic as these things get, and I'm not convinced Petersen is due any more success in the SEC than Dan Hawkins has had in the Big 12, but nonetheless: if this ends up true, and Auburn winds up hiring someone less impressive, I quit*.

--Lastly, Doug has a sexy new name for Auburn to consider.

I'm going to try and get the Kelly post up over the weekend, and obviously if there's any huge developments I'll pop in. Enjoy your weekend, JCCW readers: we're going to get through this together, me and you.

*Not Really.

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Joe Blow said...

Anyone else think agents like Sexton are ruining college football?