Tuesday, February 03, 2009


If you need any more convincing about Gene Chizik's ability to recruit, just look at who he landed today, according to Evan Woodberry: Clinton Durst, a proven special teams weapon who was one of the top punters in the nation last year in net average, a surefire fan favorite, and a serious candidate to take command of Auburn's punting job this season.

High-fives all around! At least, until we find out Durst's being paid under the table in Chuck E. Cheese tokens or something.


easyedwin said...

Welcome back, CD.......it's like you never left!!

Grotus' Acorn said...

You know, I sort of wonder what Chizik was up to. Was it simply slapdash decider-ing? Did he and his staff outsmart themselves somehow? I'm still gobsmacked by the whole chain of events and Durst's surprise, weirdly-timed reinstatement only makes things weirder in my mind.