Monday, February 09, 2009

I dunno, maybe it's just me ...

... but is this picture, used as a "splash" at the official AU athletics page (click for big):

really the best one to have come out of this photo session? For starters, those hats clearly came out of the box of hats 12 seconds before this picture was taken. Secondly, if we're going to photoshop a totally different background into the picture anyway, how 'bout if we don't have the photographer apparently shooting from directly in front of the sun? The team looks like they're collectively trying to read the bottom row of the eyechart at the DMV, and likewise appear about as happy as if that's what they were actually doing. And what's up with Pawlowski? He usually looks excessively jovial and here he looks like someone just asked him the cube root of 7,453.

Taken all together, the message I receive from this photo is "Come watch Auburn baseball! Though I gotta warn you, the sun's going to be totally killer, the players are going to be stiff and not particularly overjoyed to be out there, and the coach is easily confused by loud noises and sudden movements. Still, hey, season tickets! Whaddya say?"

(You should still but season tickets, of course. I'm just sayin', the picture amuses me.)


easyedwin said...

Do we still have a baseball team?
I can never find them at the SEC tourny!

Jerry Hinnen said...


jd said...

Jeff Lebo needs to look at Tom Slater and see that having incredible facilities isn't a magical cure-all for your sucktacular program.

Adam Krouse said...

So I know the guy who made that picture for Auburn athletics and he is not happy that you're hating on his work. "Maybe he should get a life." Maybe he's right

Jerry Hinnen said...


1. Of course I need a life. I'm a blogger. Goes without saying.

2. Look, I know it's not what your buddy was going for, but I think it's a funny picture. I thought explaining why I think that would make for a funny post. That's it. I'm not exactly declaring the guy's career a failure.

3. That said, re-reading it after your comment, yeah, it comes off as a lot more mean-spirited than I'd like. If your buddy wants an apology (or to remind me of my life-acquiring necessities) my e-mail's on the front page.