Wednesday, February 04, 2009

JCCW Signing Day Liveblog Extravaganza

Merry Pervy Christmas, everyone! Before you hit up the liveblog, let's get you up to speed:

--Apparently Chizik and crew cling to desperate hope just as tightly as we fans do, because it's pretty obvious by the fact that Taikown Paige had his offer in hand and committed within minutes of Greg Reid committing to Florida St. That brought Auburn to 26 official commitments, 23 by the JCCW's unofficial tally. Supasurprise DT commit Josh Jackson might be 24, but with the grayshort talk already surrounding him it's likely he's only a part of this fall's 25 if more guys fail to qualify than expected. I'm not counting him for now.

--Some very bad news for Auburn: Aubrey Phillips is off to Florida St. as expected. I wonder if, despite his connections to Rocker, Jackson is o-line insurance or DT insurance so someone like Fairley can switch over to offense.

--A bunch of faxes are in already; I'll let you scan the Auburn Beat to find them all. That Lutzenkirchen's was the very first into the office makes me happier than it should.

--All right, liveblog, let's do this. Ground rules: no bad-mouthing recruits who go elsewhere, no bad-mouthing your humble Auburn blogger when he struggles with the administrative portion of the liveblog, and of course we all know that any recruits who don't sign with Alabama weren't wanted by Alabama anyway.

Come on in:

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