Thursday, February 05, 2009

A post that's almost about the Auburn basketball game last night

So the Auburn men trailed by 18 at the half and lost by 19 at Ole Miss last night, effectively destroying whatever remaining shreds of hope remained from the win at Arkansas, and I tried to come up with something funny to say about it despite the obvious soul-sucking gloom of the situation.

But I couldn't, so here's a visual representation of something really, really funny coming out of a situation with a certain amount of soul-sucking gloom to it:

And now that that's there, I feel like this post has done enough without having to actually say anything bout the Ole Miss game, which is a relief. Though I will say this: I did not want to have to go through another major coaching search with Fail Jacobs this soon. Miracle Feltonesque SEC Tournament run or bust, guys.


jd said...

After we fire Lebo, we're gonna hire Buzz Peterson, or maybe Mark Gottfried.

Jerry Hinnen said...