Thursday, February 19, 2009


1. The Auburn women are playing arguably their biggest game of the season in Nashville tonight. Going against an excellent Vandy team in that Gym From Another Dimension they play in--and where the 'Dores have already not just beaten but crushed both Tennessee and Florida--means there's no "arguably" about this: it's going to take Auburn's best performance of the season to come out of there with a win. Can't say the Tigers won't have the motivation, though, since a win means they come home with an SEC title in hand. Massive, massive game. It's on Fox Sports South. Watch it.

2. If you're suffering from David Oku indecision fatigue, just know that you're not alone. Syracuse blog Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician (always nice to see a blog with a more convoluted name than mine) feels your pain, and more importantly, they feel it in truly hilarious fashion. Do click.

3. For some reason, I feel compelled to re-enact last year's smashing failure of a BracketBusters liveblog marathon, possibly because I feel like I wussed out by quitting at around 9 p.m. just because absolutely no one was reading. Not sure how long this one will last--I don't get ESPNU, so it may stop at 7 p.m. when Utah St.-St. Mary's finishes up on ESPN2 if I don't make some kind of change in venue. (Your complete schedule is here.) It'll be the traditional time-stamp "running diary"-style liveblog rather than the chat-style version we all enjoyed on Signing Day--even I'm not under the illusion we'll have enough participation to make that worthwhile. But any comments left will be responded to immediately, and there will be many, many witty remarks! So come by.

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