Monday, February 16, 2009

That kind of year

The gentleman pictured above is one Mr. Preston McCamy. A native of Dothan, Preston and girlfriend Jennifer Hopka made up one of 11 teams on the new season of the CBS reality competition the Amazing Race, the 14th season of which debuted last night. From Preston's bio:
Preston is a software engineer who enjoys working out, hanging out with friends and watching Auburn football.
Emphasis mine, though if you watched the show last night Preston's allegiance in terms of college football team wasn't exactly a secret: he spent most of the show clad in a bright orange Auburn sweatshirt and wearing an Auburn hat (backwards, naturally) with the traditional AU logo in front and the mini-"tiger eyes" logo in back. Like so.

Unfortunately, much like his favorite team, things just didn't work out for Preston this season: he and Jennifer lost a footrace with a pair of flight attendants and finished 11th out of 11 teams in the first leg of the Race, becoming the very first team eliminated.

Now, as a veteran Amazing Race viewer (shut up, it's not bad), I can't say I'm too disappointed over Preston's departure; he and Jennifer were clearly set up as the token "photogenic-but-insufferable bickering couple" that makes an appearance every single season. But dammit Preston, the very first team out? Appearances, man. I guess he should have confessed to being an Auburn women's basketball fan. Maybe that would have worked out better.

Two other quickie pop cultural tiddly-bits: first, Lifetime of Defeats put together a pretty kick-ass 69 Love Songs playlist for V-Day. If I could belatedly make five quickie additions:

I think you can listen to those once per day, if I'm not mistaken. Also: saw The Wrestler over the weekend and was just about as impressed as I was with any movie I saw this/last year. Rourke really is everything he's been made out to be. Go see it.

OK, Real Life is pressing, unfortunately. I'm going to try and get some Auburn hoops content up today, but it may be tomorrow morning. Just FYI.


jrsuicide said...

the Wrestler was in my top movies of 2008, for sure. the fact that it got left out of the Best Movie category is almost as much of a crime as Dark Knight's omission. i really hope Rourke beats out Sean Penn. that being said, Slumdog is still the best movie i saw this year.

easyedwin said...

Debbie Beebe, principal at Drake Middle School in Auburn is on Survivor and made the first cut. She is the blond on the Black team,fyi. She is also my youngest son's boss. WDE and GO "BUBBLES"

Anonymous said...

Yeah but on the last edition of "the Big Break" competition on the golf channel, the obligatory obnoxious " reality show villain" wore Auburn "Swag" on every episode until he was eliminated. And a true jerk he least in the alternate reality of TV.

Preston said...

If you are a fan you will understand that a lot of it has to do with luck and some things are out of your control. Hit me up if you want to know the main reason we didnt make the first cut.

Webb said...

I love the Amazing Race and was excited to see an Auburn team on the show. I woke up my 8 months pregnant wife and told her at the beginning of the show (note: do not attempt this at home). So, I was pretty disappointed with their depature. Preston, hit me up at webbmorris of the gmail variety and give me the scoop. I guess this CPE from Dothan with aspirations for the race will be demographically disqualified from here on out.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Preston, certainly, pure unadulterated luck accounts for at minimum 94.4 percent of the results on the show. The "disappointment" was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek; the "just didn't work out" is, I have no doubt, a better appraisal of how things, um, just didn't work out in Switzerland. Sorry for any confusion.

Would love to hit you up, Preston, but not sure how to do it. If you'd like to send me an e-mail, Thanks for stopping by.