Tuesday, January 27, 2009

They're "line"-ing up to commit!

Because, see, both of yesterday's commitments were defensive linemen! Ha ha! Get it? Ha ha! Ha ... ha ... oy.

Anyways, Nosa Eguae committed last night after realizing that if he was going to play defensive line for a team with a wacky offensive scheme that went for it on fourth down all the time, he might as well do it in Auburn rather than Lubbock.

Combined with yesterday's Jamar Travis commitment (the bigger of the two--in addition to the Rivals four-star grade, ESPN has him at a four-star level 80), that gives Auburn six defensive linemen in the class, assuming Terrance Coleman sticks and you count Dee Ford as a DE. That's a lot of defensive linemen, but I'm fine with that for several reasons:

1. Flexibility. If Auburn needs Nick Fairley to switch over to offensive line--as they very well may if no more o-line commits are forthcoming--or Ford to slide back to linebacker, there's a little more leeway to do that.

2. We need the depth. The Malzahn Spread Eagle is going to put a lot of pressure on the defense, but nowhere moreso than on the front four. Auburn needs to be able to rotate as many trustworthy guys in and out as they possibly can to make sure things hold up there.

So, yeah, yesterday was a good day on the recruiting front.

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