Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SEC Power Poll: post-bowl edition

Timely! But I just do what the deadlines tell me to.

1. Florida. It's one thing for the Gators to return Tebow and Spikes and the 167 other lettermen they've got coming back. But for the architect of the greatest defensive turnaround in the country to wind up on Florida's sideline for yet another year just seems unfair (to him and us).

2. Alabama. How did it take 13 freaking games before someone finally figured out "Hey, maybe we should go no-huddle at these guys and see if the 400-pound colossus in the middle can keep up?"

3. Ole Miss. A word of warning to those expecting the Rebels to win the West next year: Nutt may be the coach who beat Florida and Texas Tech, but he's also the guy who lost to Chris Smelley at home, and who has made a habit out losing to the Chris Smelleys of the world from time to time.

4. Georgia. Remember back in August when the national media picked Georgia No. 1 and the SEC media picked Florida to win the league? Apparently the locals knew what they were talking about. Well, except for that whole "Auburn" thing.

5. LSU. I really hope in 2009 Miles just starts wearing a Napoleon hat and get it over with. You know his whole being just screams out to him that he should. Give in, Les.

6. Vanderbilt. There's no truth to the rumor that the star on Vandy's helmets will be replaced next year by a blind squirrel holding a nut aloft.

7. Kentucky. Amazing what a turnover-fueled bowl win can do for a season previously consisting of a) four wins over the most tomatoesque of tomato cans b) a 2-6 SEC mark.

8. South Carolina. Does anyone still honestly believe Steve Spurrier will win an SEC title at Carolina? Does Spurrier?

9. Arkansas. No Nutt, no Dicks, no D-Mac, no Springfield Mafia, not even Petrino's grudge match with Tubby. The Hogs are the SEC's equivalent of the pair of junked-out hippies who grew up, got married, and moved to Vestavia Hills.

10. Tennessee. It's a good thing the Vols have given Kiffin so much money to play with. Those therapy bills for baby Knox when he grows up and realizes his Dad cared less about giving him a name that meant something than he did playing to the howling Vol multitudes are going to be pretty steep.

11. Auburn. I'd say the optimism level on the Plains is only about 8.7 gazillion times higher than I ever expected it to be after the Chizik hire. The thought of seeing an offense that might actually be--gasp!--well-coached can have that effect on a fanbase, apparently.

12. Mississippi St. If Dan Mullen and the SEC's spreadvolution can turn even the likes of State into a contender, I think it's safe to say he/it will have arrived.


Minister of Silly Walks said...

Geez, is this ranking for 2008 (I hope). If it's for 2009, thanks alot for spilling my Kool-Aid.

Jerry Hinnen said...

It's the final poll for the '08 season, Minister. Like I said, not particularly timely, but I don't run the poll.

easyedwin said...

Thank goodness, I thought it was for 09 also. More clarity, JH