Sunday, January 18, 2009

Commitment level: currently +2 (sort of)

The gentleman above is a Mr. John Sullen, who according to both Andy Bitter (whose picture I've unceremoniously stolen because dude, that's a sweet hat) and Jay Tate committed the Auburn this morning. Sullen is a mountainous three-star offensive lineman from the exotic locale of ... wait for it ... Auburn. He doesn't have any other SEC offers (he decommitted from Southern Miss to come to the Plains) but given the overwhelming need for offensive linemen on Auburn's roster at the moment, yes, we at the JCCW welcome the 330-pound gentleman with open arms.

Although apparently it's not an official commitment, athlete Anthony Gulley appears pretty likely to show up after telling Bitter he'll commit after he takes he agreed-upon trip to Troy. If it's Auburn vs. Troy for his services and the kid is already saying "uh, it's Auburn, just not officially yet" I like our chances. Hard to get PUMPED UP about a three-star athlete who also doesn't have a second SEC offer, but hey, bodies are bodies and if he's up for playing in the secondary, all the better.

However, the good news on these fronts--and that Tate's reporting that Texas DE Nosa Eguae came away genuinely impressed--is unfortunately counter-balanced by the fact that mighty-mite RB LaDarius Perkins decommitted to join Dan Mullen's urban renewal project* at Miss. St. Perkins is the sort of lightning-quick-if-undersized sort the services dislike because of his size, but who I feel like could be a real asset to Malzahn's Spread Eagle--which, of course, is why Auburn was recruiting him back in the Franklin era in the first place. Can't blame Perkins for joining an offense that would make similar use of his talents closer to home (we also don't know exactly what Chizik's staff thought of him, though it seems tough to see someone like Gulley as the better prospect), but it still hurts.

Onwards and upwards, I suppose ...

UPDATES: Clint Moseley apparently got that Auburn offer he was looking for--he committed this afternoon. I'm going to count this as a positive, based on the first-person scouting report a buddy of mine had passed on, despite the fact that a) his offer list outside of Auburn consisted of Marshall, UAB, Arkansas State, and ... wait for it ... South Alabama b) I think this pretty well closes the door on the possibility of a Ray Cotton recommit. But hey, we probably needed a QB of some kind in this class--the only guy in either the freshman or sophomore classes next year will be Trotter, whose recruiting profile was barely better than Moseley's--and if Cotton isn't coming, definitely better Moseley than no one.

Two other things: I had Eguae listed as a DT earlier; he's apparently a DE. Don't know why I got that backwards. Also, I should note that even if my extremely humble opinion is that Gulley would be more valuable to Auburn (and could see the field much earlier) in the secondary, the descriptions of him seem to indicate he prefers playing wideout.

*Yes, the pun is intended.

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