Sunday, January 18, 2009

No, the other Grimes

As expected by some, Chizik filled his final offensive assistant's position, the line coach, with a guy named Grimes.

But not the J.B. Grimes from Mississippi St. that was rumored last week, as it turns out, but Jeff Grimes from Colorado. It's not like there's any room for us bloggin' types to criticize any hire at offensive line coach--the difficulty of assigning credit for any kind of offensive success means we pretty much have to default to Chizik's judgment--but for whatever it's worth, the offenses Grimes served at Arizona St., BYU, and Boise St. were definitely successful.

Colorado was definitely less so, unfortunately, and that the Buffs went from 4.5 yards-a-carry the year before he arrived to 3.87 to 3.4 this year is a little unsettling, but, again: offensive line coach. So who knows? Besides, he's young enough (40) to beat the bushes on the recruiting trail, and he helped reel in at least one high-profile lineman last year who could have gone to bigger-and-better programs than CU's.

So, in conclusion: Jeff Grimes in the new Auburn offensive line coach, and that's about all we really know.

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