Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rollison commits

Too bad the following video had to be put together by a Kansas St. fan, because between the wacked-out and yet peculiarly appropriate musical choice and the fact that the highly-regarded player highlighted committed to Auburn today, I find it strangely endearing:

No two ways about it, this is--I know this the sort of hard-hitting analysis you trust the JCCW for--a seriously big pickup for this recruiting class ... if Rollison makes the grade. And if the general consensus of the kid's grades are "his grades need work," it seems like a very solid bet that the kid's grades do, in fact, need some serious work. As so many other players have taught Auburn fans over the past couple of years, the time to celebrate is when he's on campus and enrolled, and not a minute before.

That said, if Rollison does come across that finish line, this is quite the coup for Chizik and crew. It's just not one quite yet.


jrsuicide said...

you can't beat Explosions In The Sky for dramatic instrumentals.

lets just hope he doesn't have to go to the school for kids who can't read good.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Is that what that was? I looked over the comment thread--something one should never, ever do at Youtube--and couldn't find it.

Cool. It's just so refreshing to hear something that's not gangsta bravado or the Requiem for a Dream song or "Here Comes the BOOM," the original creators of which I hope have since been shot into the sun.

jrsuicide said...

i think it's actually something off the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack...which is kinda perfect.

Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

I am worried this kid has trouble written all over him. There aren't but so many gravy classes you can hide him in for very long.

Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

My advice for Chiz is to stay away from anything that might be a temptation to bend the rules.

easyedwin said...

Bring him on!

JH, is UAB a mid-major?

Jerry Hinnen said...

Jimmy Joe, I can definitely respect your principles there, but it's worth noting that Tubby never had a problem recruiting guys with grade issues. In fact, he probably had too little of a problem with it: academic troubles have claimed a freaking ton of guys from the last two recruiting classes who have gone on to commit elsewhere after JUCO or prep school. Doesn't make it right, necessarily, but Chiz has a long, long way to go to catch his predecessor.

Easy Ed, sorry, thought I'd answered that before. Like everyone with Auburn/Tide/other ties who's lived in the Salty 'Ham, I like UAB a lot and wish the Blazers nothing but the best. But I also don't consider C-USA teams mid-majors, sorry. My personal pet definition is "teams from a traditionally one-bid conference," meaning no Mountain West, no A-10, and, yeah, no C-USA. Once you try to start picking individual teams out of those leagues, it just gets too complicated. If UAB's in the hunt for an NCAA bid late in the season, I might take a little bit of time to look at them, but otherwise it's mids only. Again, apologies.