Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Powers declares

That noise you just heard was Auburn's run of delirious good fortune over the past few days going "splortch"*:
Auburn junior defensive back Jerraud Powers will turn pro a year early and will make himself available for the NFL draft in April. Auburn will acknowledge Powers' decision later today.
Well, nuts. Sucks for us, but it's still hard (for me, anyway) to hold much in the way of a grudge towards players who actually want to be paid real money for the tremendous investments they make in this sport in terms of both time and wear-and-tear on the body. That Auburn's undergoing such wholesale staffing changes only makes it more understandable. C'est la vie and godspeed, Jerraud, not that anyone is ever going to forget you as long as the Internet continues to exist:

On the practical side of things: depth will again be a primary concern, particularly given the transition to the no-huddle, but KNOCK ON EVERYTHING MADE OF WOOD IN THE ROOM if Thorpe and McFadden stay healthy and Savage can return to something approximating his level of play before his injury, corner probably won't be Auburn's biggest worry. If Marks and Powers are the only real defections that (sort of) result from the coaching change, Auburn will be getting off easy.

*Yes, splortch. That's the sound. No one will convince me otherwise.


jd said...

You can take the Iron Bowl out of Birmingham, but you can't take the Birmingham out of the Iron Bowl

Loganville Tiger said...

WOW - Really a good player for AU - but I wouldn't call him a Great one. I think he will be lucky to get drafted - late 2nd day at best. More likely a free agent.

Acid Reign said...

.....5'9" corners in the NFL? Even DeShay Townsend is bigger than that. Powers is looking at landing in Arena ball, for $200 per game. I hope he's got a day job lined up.

.....I would not be surprised to see Aaron Savage moved back to safety. Chizik likes his safeties to be able to play the ball. He's going to put McFadden and Thorpe on the edge, with Savage and whomever established safety learns to quit standing around and watching folks go by. Chizik WILL have the best four cover guys he has, starting.

.....We thought he was crazy when he moved Junior Rosegreen. And we saw how that worked out...