Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apparently not all sportswriters are geniuses

All right, so we're all well aware of that (even if some certain ex-sportswriters might be). But apparently someone at the Palm Beach Post wanted to remove all doubt:
Reporter from Palm Beach Post: "Hey coach, how are you today? Just wondering, what is your impression of the job Nick Saban has done at Alabama and what's it been like for you guys being kind of passed by Alabama as the top team in the state?"

(pause for crickets, tumbleweeds, etc.)

Tuberville: "Next question."
Well done, Mark Twain. Phrased correctly, this is an important question for an Auburn coach when Alabama is looking stronger than at any point since Gene Stallings left and the Tigers are at their weakest point in a decade. It's perfectly fair to ask Tubby if he's worried about a momentum change in the state if Auburn doesn't rebound down the stretch, and if he's worried that it might hurt recruiting or Auburn's ability to hire coaches in the offseason. We might have even gotten some kind of candid answer, knowing Tubby

But nooooooooo, the next Grantland Rice here has to ask in a fashion that simultaneously licks Saban's boots and spits in Tubby's face. And so we all get "Next question," as we should in this context.

We apparently don't know who at the Palm Beach Post asked the "question," but based on his work on the Florida beat and his smarmy mug and no actual evidence, I'm going to go ahead and blame this guy:

Up yours, Ben Volin, if that is your real name!

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Jason@TigerWalk said...

Give him hell Jerry. Auburn is not dead yet. The season is not over. War Eagle.