Friday, August 07, 2009


Sorry: today hasn't left time for blogging. I do have to ask that you read Goldberg's breakdown of Auburn's current scholarship numbers, which, Yikes. At least we know they won't have a problem finding a scholarship for Clinton Durst. Chizik's surprisingly effusive praise for Demond Washington was also intriguing--at this point it'll be a surprise if he doesn't find a way to contribute this season.

Apologies again: the JCCW's great sojourn is, at least, close to being finished. Cross my heart.


Marcus said...

To quote a dream sequence from A Christmas Story... "tell us, how did {we} get to this LOWLY state" or something like that? I'm assuming it wasn't soap poisoning.

Seriously though, WTF? I understand that with a new regime there will be some defectors, but to come up 10 short after signing 22 of the allowed 25 this year is crazy. Really makes me wonder if all the "duck hunting instead of recruiting" BS didn't have a bit of truth to it.

Grotus' Acorn said...

Great to have you back Jerry!

Also: I tend to agree with Marcus. Chizik didn't get in this spot by himself, he must have had a lot of help from the Barbeque Crew.

Marmot said...

Tubberville's crime was that he didn't leave enough academically eligible, non-trouble making football talent, such that Chizik can look over the team and say "There's no one here I can upgrade... guess I'll just sign enough guys to cover the seniors". Once Chizik decides to rebuild the talent 25 players at a time (the fastest way to do it), he had to clear the books for the 2010 class. I suppose he could have waited until January to do that, but that would make what now looks like unfortunate attrition seem more like a blood bath (Headline: 15 players kicked off team for being late to team meeting).

Having only 21 guys qualify in 2009 looks very sloppy, even for a ninth inning effort, but I predict they'll make up the difference by signing some extra 2010 guys early.

Beef said...

JCCW, getting your house in order now is a good idea, not that you had a choice in the matter. When we really need you in a few weeks, you'll be there.

OTS said...

I'll make two points on the 75 scholarship bit...

(1) With having approximately 10 scholarships to spare, effectively opening up for the possibility of letting Durst (who might be the best punter in the SEC) walk is just plain damn stupid. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't give that kid a scholarship in that situation, and if you are holding it out even so, you are (1) either trying to be a total hard ass for some unknown reason, or (2) you are taking ridiculous steps to save the athletic department a couple of bucks. Either way, it seems like an indefensible move to me.

(2) Regardless of the talk about Phelon Jones not going to Auburn because they supposedly did not have a scholarship for him, that is obviously a load of garbage right now. Auburn may indeed not have wanted him, and they may not have given him a scholarship offer, but a lack of room was certainly not the reason for that.