Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Hard Knocks: Auburn" coming to a TV near you, and a computer monitor near me

OK, so the real title is "Auburn Football: Every Day ...", and if I have the nagging feeling they could have picked out a catchier title (who uses ellipses in their title? Pretentious socially-conscious hip-hop acts, that's who), this is an outstanding development on a couple of different levels:

1. There is no such thing as not enough Auburn on one's television set, and this promises to be a good deal more interesting than the Auburn Football Review, particularly now that Tubby has given way to the Chiznick.

2. Attention recruits: not only will you be on TV every single week thanks to the new SEC TV deal, but you will also be on TV every single week during practice, on the sidelines, etc. And if your parents or cousins or certain expatriate Auburn bloggers want to watch but don't live in the area, no sweat--it'll all be online.

3. A second recruiting note: ya think Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper might come across as more than a little bit charismatic on camera? I'm not saying the show's going to singlehandedly turn any tides or anything, but it's not gonna hurt, either.

4. Maybe the biggest nagging question I have about our new head coach, and it's one I'm going to delve into a bit as the season approaches, is this one: who the hell is he? His interviews, his press conferences, his newspaper profiles ... none of them have felt satisfying yet. Trooper's the kid-at-heart, Malzahn's the coffee-addicted nerd, Luper's the smooth operator, Roof and Lolley are the grizzled Southern old-school types, you get the picture. We know Chizik is detail-obsessed and something of a disciplinarian ... but there's got to be more to this picture than that, right? Maybe being able to see him in a more natural environment than when the press are around will help.

5. This is more of a personal note, but for those of us who don't live in the CSS/"local listings" footprint, that this will on the Interwebs is very, very good news indeed.

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Scott said...

Pat Dye was on Finebaum last week and described Gene Chizick as "Mark Richt with a bad attitude."