Friday, August 21, 2009

Camp report, 8/21

As we'd expect for this point in the process, not a ton of new info to report.

--If there is any bright side to the continuous onslaught of defections to "Muscle Beach," it's that many of them are probably--well, hopefully--more precautionary than legitimately, uh, playing-time threatening. That's always been the hunch, and when Malzahn says of Terrell Zachery (or maybe Darvin Adams) ...
"We just want to make sure all of our guys are 100 percent when we get to the first game," Malzahn said.
... I'm assuming he's not the only guy that statement would apply to.

--Of course, I don't think that's the case with the linebackers. Your daily dose of panic:
Roof said "the No. 1 thing'' for Auburn is ``to continue to develop depth. That's my concern."

When asked if he's ever had such little depth, he said, "Not that I can recall."

"But that's where we are."
Roof did say Harris Gaston's "light" is "getting brighter every day" ... but Gaston was also apparently working behind Ashton Richardson yesterday, so that light needs to get a whole lot brighter in a hell of a hurry if Freeman and Evans don't return.

--Not really any movement on the QB situation; Malzahn is dodgy about a redshirt for Rollison and isn't yet ready to even declare him the backup. I think we're still at the same status quo we had when Todd was starterized: they'd like Rollison to be the backup, but they'd also like to get away with a redshirt for him if they can.

--Of course, if there really is an injury to Todd, Burns is still getting too much attention at quarterback to not be in the mix. Hopefully we won't have to find out what the actual "no Todd" plan is, but I have to think Burns might be involved somehow.

--"Everybody Loves" Nosa Eguae is currently working with the second string at end according to Tate, and the lovefest isn't going to end any time soon with quotes like these:
"Some people questioned it. Some people were like 'Go to (Texas) Tech, go to (Texas) Tech.' Some people were like, (Texas) A&M came in at the last second. When you come here and you see what's in the SEC, I keep telling the boys back home that are being recruited by Auburn right now, it just doesn't compare. I've been in those Big 12 schools, the SEC is the place to be."
Keep that up, Nosa, and even the Tide fans will be rooting for you.

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