Friday, August 21, 2009

I believe in

Lee Ziemba on Gene Chizik:
Ziemba said there's no mistaking what the identity of this program will be under Chizik.

"He's always preaching to us about continuing what Auburn was built on, and that's down and dirty hard work," Ziemba said. "A man can only count on what he earns. That's basically what coach Chizik is trying to instill in us.
A head coach that preaches the Creed to his players, a head coach that tells his charges not to work hard because they represent Auburn but because hard work is what Auburn represents, that looks to build the foundation of his team not even on the tradition of Auburn's proud football program but on the tradition of our our even prouder, even stronger institution, our community, our family ...

This is a head coach who I will stand behind. War Eagle, Coach Chizik.

( p.s.: Yeah, I know it's just one quote from Ziemba, I know you have to ask if a guy who left Auburn for Texas really loves Auburn as much as I want him to. I don't care. He's "always preaching" the Creed to his players. That's it. I'm in.)


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War Eagle

Sullivan013 said...

"..And, be assured, you'll find a difference,
As we his subjects have in wonder found,
Between the promise of his greener days
And these he masters now"


Martin said...

This is the same guy who bailed out for Texas and talked about how glad he was to be at a school where it is possible to win championships. Other than the whole we have no choice so we may as well make the best of it point of view I can't even begin to wrap my brain around anyone being glad Chizik is at Auburn.