Friday, May 15, 2009

Things I think about when I hear the name "Buster"

1. That weird, dorky kid with the stupid hat and dumb dog who wants to sell me a pair of Sunday shoes

2. Being 10 or so, and my Dad and I turning on HBO to watch Mike Tyson maul some new hapless sap, except the hapless sap hangs in there, and starts landing some punches here and there, and now Tyson's down, what's happening ... holy crap, did he lose?

3. "A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly and is also known as a ..."

4. NEW FOR 2009: Tommy Tuberville, as it turns out.
Tuberville will talk about Southeastern Conference football on next season. The Web site said Thursday he will contribute on multiple shows each week, including Internet podcasts.

Tuberville said Buster Sports, based in Raleigh, will allow him to interact with SEC fans. They will be able to talk with him through chat rooms, message boards and call-in questions.
Give Tuberville this: apparently he won't be alone amongst the ungracefully-departed at BusterSports, what with them having also signed on Jim Donnan, Dave Odom, and ... wait for it ... Terry Donahue. So he won't quite fit right in--Tubby was miles better than any of those guys ever dreamed of being--but at least he's not slumming it with, say, Curley Hallman.

Still, I can't shake the nagging feeling I should have made him an offer. I mean, come on: "Buster Sports." Whatever you think of the name "The Joe Cribbs Car Wash," you've got to admit it's got more dignity in it than that. (At least, I'm pretty sure it does.)


tmc1 said...

Tubby is biding his time waiting ont he job @ baton rouge.

Hobbes said...

Tub's is going to the U.

J.D. said...

That Douglas/Tyson fight was eons better than the Pacquiao/Hatton fight my friends and I got on PPV a couple of weeks ago. Waste of money.

Jerry Hinnen said...

I'm in the minority--I think he's going to just stay retired, unless Petrino leaves Arkansas. Any other job that Tubby would want would probably go to someone else.

j.d., ordering big fights via PPV is a bigger gamble than asking for some complicated substitution at your local drive-through.

Neal said...

I still remember as a little kid watching that fight with my parents. Nobody in the world had heard of Buster Douglas. Mike Tyson was beyond invincible back in those days. Nobody could last more than 2 rounds with him. The next morning I told all of my friends at church that Mike Tyson had lost a fight the night before and nobody believed me.