Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Serenity now ... and for a while

We all know that Auburn's not going to have a starting quarterback until fall practice. But ... but maybe Gene Chizik and the Auburn staff secretly feel that either Burns or Caudle stepped up enough to be on the verge of being named the starter, and they just want a little bit of time in the fall to confirm it! That's the ticket! We won't be on pins and needles a week before the opener, no sir, not gonna happen this year.

Or, perhaps it will, actually:
Auburn coach Gene Chizik hates to disappoint those looking for a speedy conclusion to the Tigers' quarterback competition this fall.

Chizik, who was in Robertsdale Tuesday evening for the Mobile County and Baldwin County Auburn Clubs' annual scholarship dinner, said prior to the event the starter may not be named until late August.

Kodi Burns and Neil Caudle got most of the reps during spring drills, but Chizik said he expects incoming freshmen Tyrik Rollison and Clint Moseley of Leroy to join an ongoing competition this fall.

"The position has not been won — that's the main point of emphasis," Chizik said. "We've got some young guys who will come in and challenge for the job. Certainly the ones who have been on campus have an advantage of 15 days anyway, but the quarterback situation probably won't be solved until right before the season starts."
So it goes. Two things:

1. I may be reading too far between the lines here, but is this an exceedingly subtle acknowledgment that Rollison and/or Moseley have a legitimate shot at the starting nod? After spring practice, would Chizik (and/or Malzahn) really expect to need the entirety of fall camp, too, to make a decision as (relatively) straightforward as "Burns or Caudle"? I'd assumed the "it's anybody's job" talk from Chizik was just lip service to keep Burns and Caudle on their toes and throw the freshmen a bone, but ... we'll see.

2. As long as they pick the right guy. As long as they pick the right guy. As long as they pick the right guy. As long as they pick the right guy.


drewster said...

I imagine it will be 3-4 games into the season, just like last year, before they name a "definite" starter.

jrsuicide said...

If Rollison actually gets into school I'm not gonna be shocked if he gets named the starter.

easyedwin said...

Please start a QB with a brain and an arm.......legs not as important. Throw to Benton over and over again. Just win, baby, we be hungry up in here!