Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Auburn players are on the World Wide Web!

We're going to take a brief look today at the Highlights and Drawbacks of three different Auburn player fan sites! The more popular the Internet becomes, the more common player fan sites like these will become, so this is only the beginning!

Player: Kodi Burns
Site URL:

Disclaimer: "This site is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Kodi Burns, nor Auburn Tigers, nor anyone associated with Kodi Burns and we are a fan site of KodiBurns.Org." Also: "Please note we are not affiliated with Kodi Burns or the official site of Kodi Burns and we are only a fan site." Full legal version here.

Highlights: --Cool "Kodi Burns in motion" graphic

--Including same news feed on both sidebar and bottom of individual pages along with second news feed down middle of page makes finding Kodi Burns-related news thrice as easy!

--Statistics now updated through Burns's junior year of high school

--Helpful Kodi Burns card page explains that although "there are not so many Kodi Burns card available for now," interested Kodi Burns card buyers to "try Ebay, Amazon, and even Kodi Burns card comes in different sizes that might fit to you. Your best bet is to go to your local card shop, that way you can see the Kodi Burns card up close and look for any problems." Good advice!

Drawbacks: --Kodi Burns's height is listed at "6 fot 2." Oops! What a boner!

--Advice for finding a Kodi Burns jersey was unhelpful as I have no local "jersey shop" where I can check to see if my Kodi Burns jersey has any problems

--Photo gallery includes only one photo with visible Kodi Burns pectorals

Player: Mario Fannin
Site URL:

Disclaimer: "Welcome to the Team Fannin website, the official fan website for Mario Fannin. The site is designed to be a one stop site for fans of Mario Fannin a young and emerging star on the Auburn University football team. We will have articles, photo's, and video's all courtesy of their original sources related Mario Fannin."

Highlights: --Song by renowned recording artist Rick Ross accompanying highlight video helpfully begins playing without site user having to instruct site to do so. Song even plays on other pages, too!

--Continuous diagrams of actual plays at bottom of page help new fans understand the ins-and-outs of high-level football

--Using the zoom-in function on the photo gallery page is hours of fun! If you look closely, you can see the Auburn logos on Mario Fannin's eyeblacks!

Drawbacks: --Links page fails to provide links to popular Auburn fan blogs such as "The Joe Cribbs Car Wash"

--Depth chart listing Fannin as third-string wide receiver seems out-of-date with current info; however, readers may appreciate site's brutal honesty

Player: Tyrik Rollison
Site URL:

Disclaimer: "This site is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Tyrik Rollison, nor anyone associated with Tyrik Rollison and we are a fan site of Tyrik Rollison.Org." Also: "Please note we are not affiliated with Tyrik Rollison or the official site of Tyrik Rollison and we are only a fan site." Full legal version here. This all seems very familiar somehow.

Highlights: --Rollison videos page helpfully instructs users to be patient while videos load

--Website's "sitemap" simplifies potentially confusing task of navigating through all five pages at

--Homepage text provides high level of educational detail on Rollison's recruitment process; Rollison hopes to receive an offer from Texas Tech or Oklahoma State, while Kansas, Florida State, TCU, Houston and Arizona are also in the mix.

Drawbacks: --Photo in website banner is unengaging "still" shot, though white "halo" effect is put to good use

--Fans may not gravitate towards for news on Rollison when player is providing similar news at his own personal site

FINAL VERDICT: is the best source for Auburn player news of these three websites.

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