Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Some people have all the luck

When I was in high school, there weren't many times I envied the kids in younger classes. I mean, why would I? It's against the rules, almost. You're older, bigger (well, bigger than the other dweebs, in cases like mine), cooler (again, more in a general sense than my specific experience), and best of all, closer to the acceptable goofing-off of senior year and then, finally, escape. Envying those younger than you = lame.

But I was always on good terms with "lame," and so part of me always wished I'd been born three years later and been part of the Class of 2000. The Class ... of 2000! It seemed like it'd earn you points with your grandkids, you know? The first class of the Millennium. It would just make you sound that tiny bit cooler than you were, and not to overemphasize the point or anything, but I needed all the help I could get.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you all of this, other than that I got a very similar rush of envy reading this:
Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson, Auburn University's second Heisman Trophy winner and 1995 Auburn graduate, will deliver the commencement address to this year's Auburn graduates at spring ceremonies May 9 ...

Jackson is the university's second commencement speaker following a resolution passed by Auburn's Student Government Association in fall 2007 as well as an initiative of Auburn University President Jay Gogue to bring nationally recognized and distinguished speakers to present the keynote address to Auburn graduates.
Attention, Auburn classes of 2009: I just hope you realize how fortunate you are, OK? Some of us just don't get these kinds of breaks.


Kevin said...

2001 was actually the first class of the new millennium. We started with year One, not Zero. I'm surprised that with your AU eduction and lack of math skills that you didn't fail a few grades and end up witnessing Bo at commencement.

easyedwin said...

I am surprised JH still splits his infinitives!!

Will Collier said...

Heck, Bo was at my graduation.

A bit of explaination: Bo's wife got her PhD that day (she was in the row in front of me in BEMC). Bo, who was just a couple of weeks out of his hip replacement surgery, arrived with a gigantic family entourage in tow, and sat in the stands basically next to my own mom and dad. After the ceremony, #34 damn near ran me over as I was climing the stairs and he was on his way down (on crutches) to meet up with the new Dr. Jackson.

Quite a day.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Will: like I said, some people have all the luck.