Saturday, May 02, 2009

Benton arriving on schedule

DeAngelo Benton, the rumored Chosen One who will take up the sword left behind by Courtney Taylor and lead Auburn's wide receiving peoples into a new age of peace and prosperity--or something--has been given the thumbs-up by the NCAA Clearinghouse after two years of thumbs-downs. He will be enrolling at Auburn for summer school, and wrecking fools on the Plains this fall.

We've been told, repeatedly, that Benton wouldn't have any problems this go-round and that Clearinghouse approval was more a formality than anything ... but I'm sure LSU fans heard something similar last year. So, yeah, this is big news, especially since if Benton's in shape he could be Auburn's best wideout starting ... today, possibly? In any case, it's not just Tim Hawthorne and the Motley Crew any more.

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jrsuicide said...


Let's hope he won't pull a Mike Williams and forget how to play football.