Monday, April 27, 2009

That smell on the recruiting trail is the cheap champagne

So I saw the above picture at Auburntron and thought to myself "You know, that's almost kind of understated. If you're going to pimp out a limo in Auburn colors to take to Game Day or on the road to T-Town or Athens or wherever, you might as well just go all the way and have a giant Aubie painted along the top, huge burnt orange and navy blue racing stripes, a hot tub in the very back with Matt Targett doing tiny, tiny laps ... I mean, once you've already invested in an Auburn-themed stretch limo, why hold back?"

Then I found out the answer was "because the limo is being used by Auburn's coaches as a recruiting tool and they don't want to look too 'conspicuous consumption' when they pull up to the home of a kid whose Dad lost his job three weeks ago." I kid you not, this is the info from the Rivals header:
In what is being termed the first annual "Tiger Prowl", seven Tiger coaches, the most a program can have out at one time, will be cruising the state of Alabama this week in a decked-out Auburn limousine.
3SiB got in the first of what will surely be many jabs at this cunning plan. Me, I just think it's funny imagining the likes of Gus Malzahn and Phillip Lolley hanging out in the back of this thing with Luper and Troop as they cruise up and down Highway 280 or 43 to Mobile. And hell, if we're sending seven assistants all out together in the same vehicle, might as well let them make an entrance, right? An old Dodge van bought from the local Korean church isn't going to cut it.

That said: oh, the jabs, they are going to be plentiful.


Marmot said...

Anyone who is not an Auburn fan will of course mock this and that is their right, but as an Auburn fan I love it... my only regret is that the limo is, as you said, too understated. I would prefer a stretch Hummer, or why not go all out with a John Madden bus and cheerleaders. To me its a sign that this staff is trying to gain new territory in the recruiting wars, and its been a long time since our program really distinguished itself. As for those mockers, lets just say I'm glad Chizik and crew aren't recruitin' 30 something blog reading white males with this strategy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the coaching staff will wear some bling on their recruiting trips? Roof be trippin', yo!

Rod said...

Limos on the recruiting trail is nothing new. Never heard of Auburn doing it, though.

Anonymous said...

A limo? What is it 1986? Are they going by Bo Jackson's house later.


KoolBell4AU said...

I like the idea of showing up in numbers. It shows "WE" want you. I would rather have seen an RV, but already there is backlash about the state of the economy. As if that had anything to do with college football, or a free education. If you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

This is embarrassing. If Alabama was doing this, we'd all be photoshopping away like mad.

Then again, I do like the idea of sending all of our recruiters to speak with the kids; it shows we're serious and gives them the 'star' treatment. And I guess if seven guys are traveling in one vehicle, it's better a stretch limo than a short bus.

Like everything else, the ends will justify the means. If we get a great class next year, we'll see this adopted everywhere.