Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have got to get me one of these shirts. I'm serious. I think a pool party could spontaneously break out around you just by wearing one:

Those of you trapped at work without the Tube, you're not missing too terrible much: the limo pulls up, the coaches all get out and shake hands, they walk around the school and shake hands some more, Luper answers some questions about the Limo Gambit with the same answers we've heard already, Taylor has a funny line at the end involving food stamps, and that's about it.

But that's why I think this video is interesting: aside from the mode of transportation and the certain measure of, I don't know, "impressiveness" that comes from seven different Auburn coaches all entering the school at once, it's as mundane as it gets. It's just football coaches doing boring offseason football coach stuff. And wearing awesome shirts.

So: where's the "embarrassment"? It's not really having all seven coaches together: that's unusual, sure, but I don't think anyone would have blinked if they were riding around in an RV. Which means the entire hubbub comes down to their choice of vehicle. That's it. That's all. Yes, they could have picked something less flashy ... but why would they?

There's more worthwhile description of the Limo Gambit's nuts-and-bolts operations in this OA News story*, along with some discussion of how much attention Auburn's managed to wring out of it:
Though the five-day trip has been confined within the state’s borders, the noise it’s stirred up has permeated in all four time zones.

Even during the midst of NHL and NBA playoffs, the topic was debated during a full segment of ESPN’S Around the Horn on Wednesday.

While opinion remained mixed among national pundits, the positivity it elicited around Lee County was unanimous.

“Hey, if it draws attention in a way and gets people talking, I think it’s worthwhile,” (Auburn High coach Tim) Carter said. “It’s within the rules and it shows innovation. I like it, and as an Auburn fan I like it.”
Me too, coach Carter. (Though this will be the last time I mention it for a while. The blog is probably Prowled out by now.)

*This isn't meant as a critique--Lord knows I've written some truly, tru;l screwed up leads in my days at the sports desk--but it is kind of funny that Gribble's story starts by saying that Carter "doesn't need a mindreader" to know what his kids are thinking, and then the very next sentence is Carter saying "What they're actually thinking, I don't know." Hey, it made me grin.


J.D. said...

My favorite limo story:

A bunch of my friends and I were standing outside our local movie theater getting ready to see the second of the Matrix trilogy on the day after it opened. All of a sudden, a huge stretch limo pulls up. We're kind of standing in awe, wondering who it might be. The chauffeur gets out, and has this smirk on his face, like "Wait until you see this." He opens the door and two of the nerdiest looking dudes I've ever seen get out of the back, both wearing matching Hawaiian shirts. They rented a limo to take them to the premier of the Matrix 2.

Jerry Hinnen said...

HAHAHAHAHA how awesome is that? I hope they've got one in place for the new Star Trek movie.

J.D. said...

I can't imagine they wouldn't.