Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Draft weekend

OK, so I'm not going to finish anything substantial this afternoon, not with the sun finally coming out in Michigan for what feels like the first time since late 2002. But before grabbing the weekend with both hands, I did want to pass along this post by Jay discussing the possibility that stone-cold Auburn legends Jason Campbell and Ronnie Brown could be traded during this weekend's NFL Draft. Trading away Miami's most efficient offensive weapon seems a little on the peculiar side for the Dolphins, but, you know, he's Keith Hernandez Bill Parcells, so he can do whatever.

So keep an eye on that, and while we're on the subject if how awesome Ronnie Brown is, enjoy the following YouTube classic, featuring what's probably my favorite musical selection for a highlight package ever:

Enjoy your weekend.


Rod said...

Definitely enjoy this nice weather while it lasts. Have a good weekend!

tiger7_88 said...

Hey, Jerry... I noted in the AJC today it saying that, because of the lack of discipline on the team last year, this year Mark Richt isn't allowing the players on the Bulldog team to walk around with their shirts untucked nor can they wear beards.

What a creepy, hard-ass Captain Queeg Mark Richt has turned out to be eh?


jrsuicide said...

Marks went at the end of rd 2.

tiger7_88 said...

Powers went to Indy near the end of round #3. (Surprised me.)

tiger7_88 said...

Greene to the Chargers in the 4th round.