Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Profiles in Courage

I'm very, very sorry to have to post such a thing on this blog ... but we do all remember this, right?

That's the sort of thing we'd like to do, right? Not just the runaway beatdown part, the whole thing: a nationally televised, nationally-covered nonconference matchup in a neutral stadium in the middle of a recruiting hotbed only 120 minutes away from Auburn? Seems like about the most fun-n'-exciting possible way to kickstart the season that wouldn't involve the phrases "scantily-clad Salma Hayek" and "halftime entertainment."

I mean, it worked out pretty nicely for 'Bama, didn't it? This is the sort of action we'd love to get in on, right? If ABC tried to set us up with an opponent that would have to travel cross-country to be there, for a prime time showcase that could establish our up-and-coming bona fides to pollsters everywhere in 2010, we'd leap at the opportunity, wouldn't we?

No, according to the Los Angeles Times, we would not:
Efforts to match UCLA in a nationally televised game against Auburn to open the 2010 season fell apart when Auburn officials decided against the matchup, which was to be played in the Georgia Dome.

ABC was attempting to broker a deal for the game, which would have replaced one against Kansas State on the Bruins' schedule.
The game would have replaced the Arkansas State game on Auburn's schedule*.

There are, I suppose, arguments against the game. Auburn's already made a deal with Arkansas St. The 2010 schedule would only have seven home games. With a home tilt against Clemson already on the docket, Auburn would be playing two tricky BCS-level out-of-league games, and based on our experience with West Virginia and South Florida the past two years, that's at least one too many.

I'll just come right out and say this: I think each of those arguments are horse pucky. I don't care what Arkansas St. thinks if we pull out of the deal**. I know there would be some financial loss in losing a true home game, but the benefits are overwhelming, and as for Auburn's fans I can't think of one I know who'd be more excited for a home game against Arkansas St. than one vs. UCLA in the Georgia Dome. And if Auburn passed because they're genuinely worried that playing a UCLA team that flew across the country two hours from the Plains will make the nonconference schedule too difficult ... that's just sad.

I'd like to just straight-out scapegoat Fail Jacobs for this, but it's possible the decision was made in cooperation alongside others in the athletics administration and/or Gene Chizik. So I'll just address this to whatever person or persons was responsible for this decision:

You blew it.

UPDATE: Jacobs had this to say for himself:
"We talk every year with ESPN to help us get games. They helped us with Washington State, Kansas State; they had their hands in West Virginia. They are great partners and always helped us.

"We've told them, `We're going to play one BCS team a year, how can you help us?'"
One a year, huh? To that I have to say:

*This assumes the L.A. Times' information is correct. I don't see any reason to assume otherwise.

**The one argument I would be willing to listen to is if there's a contract signed between Auburn and ASU that gouges Auburn for some additional giant sum if they pull out. If that's not the case: BOOOOOOOO.

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jrsuicide said...

fucking pussies.

bovinekid said...

I choose to take the "blame Fail Jacobs" route. Fire him!

Philip Arnold said...

My theory; lack of Birmingham Dome...

jbox said...

Why is it again that Auburn is paying Arkansas State a million dollars for that game?

The way I read that article, Auburn's paying Arkansas State that money even if they pull out of the game, which would be the likely reason they didn't want to change the 2010 opener. That's a shame.

jrsuicide said...

i don't understand why they can't just push the game with Arkansas State back a year.

jd said...


easyedwin said...

There are more AU Alumns in Atlanta than any city in the WORLD !!!!!

Oh yes, there is nowhere to tailgate at the dome. I recall drinking Glennlivit and Millers on the parking lot pavement at AU TN game at the dome.

There is nothing to do in Atlanta !!

Tigerwalk is too short at the dome !!

You cannot see the "fly overs" at the dome !!

Our eagle would be too confused to fly in the dome !!

We have clucked on this one.

Grotus' Acorn said...

I used to think Auburn was a perennial scheduling victim when it came to this... but I guess things are much more complicated than would seem.

Still: = FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the money issue in turning this game with UCLA down. First, we would probably owe Ark St the $1 million we have promised them to show.

Second, we would lose about $3 million in revenue from losing a home game due to lost ticket sales.

Third, I beleive the article said we would get $500K for appearing.

So for this game to happen, it would cost Auburn about $3.5 million dollars.

Loganville Tiger said...

God did we blow this one!! What a missed opportunity for some great national exposure. Just WTF is Jacob's thinking??? I live in the Atl. and would have died to get that game here so I could go.

Our motto should be to Play Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere!! What a puss......


sassysouth said...

Wasn't it just 2004 where we went undefeated and they said we didn't play enough BCS opponents and had a "soft schedule"? WTF Jay Jacobs? WTF.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? Pay the $1 mill or whatever. If we quit allowing coaches to resign with full pay maybe money wouldn't be the only issue at the athletic dept. Honestly if we are paying Jay Jacobs more than a couple of bucks and a bologna sandwich a week we are getting ripped off.