Sunday, November 25, 2007


Fear the Index Finger on the Opposite Hand.

Honestly? After the debacle against Georgia two weeks ago, I wasn't expecting it to feel this good.

But oh, for now, all is forgiven. Give Tubby whatever he needs and a pony. Ready the bronze for the Cox bust and the marble for the pedestal and square off the necessary area in Foy. Someone send Lester and Tate each one of those baskets of sausage and cheese, like, the hugest ones in the world.

Auburn has defeated Alabama six times in a row, six straight years, six consecutive seasons. Every way you say it is poetry.

War Damn Eagle.


Richard said...

Yep! And it is SWEET! Damn!

War Eagle!


Richard said...

To echo your previous posts:
"sarcasm on"
Oh, BTW, this is just the PERFECT time to get rid of CTT. CAB and CWM, dontcha think? Let's clean house!
"sarcasm off"

Richard said...

Oh, yes..I just had a great photoshop vision (based on Jerry's pony comment in this post) for somebody to bring to life (I suck at photoshop, so Jerry, anybody?!?)...Dedicated to all the NickSuckers, AUMorons, and MSM speculators out there...A Big smiling picture of Tubby from this game with a caption underneath that says... "Yes, you can have a Pony!" That would tie together so many undercurrents of this season so well, I think!

Jerry Hinnen said...

OVer next summer I'm either going to have to teach myself photoshop or find someone to do it for me, 'cause ideas like yours, Richard, shouldn't go uncreated.

War Eagle.

Joe Blow said...

You don't need Photoshop for that. You can add text with a transparent background in MS paint pretty easily.

Matthew said...

A bunch of drunk Bama fans set fire to Toomer's Corner in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Is this the kind of class that Bama wants to represent their program?!?!?! I do have a picture of the trees on fire. This is a real story. I have yet to see the media say ANYTHING about it.

adam said...

I think it's gotten to the point where we need to start scheduling alabama as our homecoming game and put either georgia or lsu at the end of our schedule...

Lovecrafty said...

Here's a picture for all...CTT, courtesy of The Cheezburger Factory.