Friday, November 23, 2007


Go Tigers. Beat Alabama. Win, Auburn.

Please. Win.

Win, because my grandfather and so many other grandfathers have waited a lifetime, waited so many long years in orange-and-blue sweatshirts and Auburn caps with flat bills, waiting to watch Auburn defeat Alabama for a sixth consecutive year.

Win, because all things long to become something more than they are, even toilet paper; it dreams of flight.

Win, because there are children old enough to care who have never watched Auburn lose the Iron Bowl and their innocence is beautiful.

Win, because I want so badly to remember Brandon Cox as a quarterback made of heart who fought a debilitating muscle disease step-by-brutal-step all the way to three victories over the Crimson Tide, and as nothing else, nothing.

Win, because after you had torn Alabama to quivering pieces in 2005, the man with the crimson tie in my office told me with an utterly straight face that if the early second-half safety the officials could have called had been called, Alabama would have won the game; win because the Auburn fans still working in that office and in so many other offices should not be left to work alongside such willful, delirious ignorance given over to celebration.

Win, because while other mascots paw restless in cages and or lie fat on the ground or fail to exist, ours soars across the blue sky underneath the orange sun and reminds us all of what glory looks like, and that should be worth something, damn it.

Win, because the people of the state of Alabama should not be taught again that $4 million will buy happiness.

Win, because when Quentin Groves and Cole Bennett and Eric Brock and King Dunlap and Patrick Lee and Josh Thompson and Jonathan Wilhite and God bless him Carl Stewart leave the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium for the final time, they deserve to leave winners, leave without knowing the worst defeat, leave with a clean table in the restaurant's corner and a free cold beer on top of it waiting for them forever.

Win, because idiots root for our team, too, idiots who will otherwise tell Tommy Tuberville not to let the door hit him and no one should have to listen to them, least of all Tommy Tuberville.

Win, because our side has won 32 times; their side has won 38 times; and another victory means our side is six wins from telling their side all their trophies and all their rankings and all their bygone glories are mere pleasant consolation prizes to being the second-best college football team in their own great state.

Win, because I am a thousand miles away from my mother, my father, my brothers, and if we all share the joy of a victory over Alabama all those miles will feel like a walk to the corner.

So win for us.

Win for the 87,451 present whose hearts you hear.

Win for the countless elsewhere whose hearts go with you regardless.

Win for Auburn, power of Dixieland.

Win. Please. Win.

Go Auburn. Beat Alabama. Win the Iron Bowl.


War Eagle!


Jeremy said...

i meant THAT... this... was beautiful.
let's war eagle forever.

John said...

That was absolutely beautiful....I got chill bumps! I am in Auburn and needed to read that before I get my game day going. War Eagle!

miller draft genuine said...

Nice! You know, I was there in person in 2005 courtesy of Baby Sister (a Bama grad) who gave me an extra ticket so I watched us sack Brodie 11 times from one of Jordan Hare's walkway ramps.

After the game, Baby Sister's then-boyfriend, also a Bama grad, said, with a straight face, "We won the second half. Take away the first Quarter and we won the game." You know, take away that first quarter when Auburn scored 21 points in the first 10 minutes.


AUBIGJOE said...


Joe Blow said...

Beautifully said!

Richard said...

Perfect. Nothing else to say.

except War Eagle!


Todd Jones said...

Congratulations guys. Y'all made the plays and we didn't. Well deserved win.

Sullivan013 said...

Thank you, Brandon Cox. Thanks for three wonderful games against Alabama. Thanks for three hard fought years, three well earned bowl games and a unique streak in white uniforms. There aren't many other Auburn QBs that I would want to lead the Tigers down the field when it counts the most.

Hard as it is for them to lose such a game, I thought the Tide fought hard and have very little to be ashamed of,... which is exactly how this game should be played.

Good game, guys. Good game.

War Eagle!

Richard said...

Well, your wish, and mine, is granted my friend. I got banned from AUnations to night for expressing such an opinion, but it was worth it, I promise you.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Thanks for all the nice words, guys.

mdg, Big Joe: Quality reasons there. Honestly, this post could go on forever.

Todd: Thanks. 'Bama didn't play a bad game at all, particularly on D; the INT at the end of the first half was deadly. See you next year.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, poetic post. Thanks.

Jane Random said...

I'm crying. That was beautiful.