Monday, November 12, 2007

SEC Power Poll ballot

1. LSU. After UGA's last couple of outings, Tigers are probably the world's biggest Vol fans outside Knoxville. Then again, how much attention is Miles really paying now that Carr's retirement kitten cat is out of the bag?

2. Georgia. Did what no other SEC team has done since 2003: host Auburn and Tubby, as a favorite, and bludgeon them into meek, 20-point submission. Man, how much would Evil Richt give for a second shot at
the Vols? His new master Mr. Scratch might be willing to listen to offers ...

3. Florida. Seven TDs, yards out the wazoo on the ground and in the air, the ferocity on the road ... as much as I hate the media claiming Tebow can turn water into Gatorade, if I had a Heisman vote, he'd get
it. If this team gets his defensive head on straight next year--and does anyone doubt that's exactly what will happen with Strong and Meyer around--they're the team to beat, the pups at UGA and (rank homerism alert!) cubs at Auburn notwithstanding.

4. Tennessee. So much for that prediction the Hogs were going to run over them. Have to wonder if the fact that everybody and their brother made the same prediction had anything to do with their performance. Then again, maybe they're just better than I'm giving them credit for: I mean, they do have Ainge, and Foster's not a complete waste and Cutcliffe and Chavis mostly know what they're doing ... still, I think all three teams above them crush them if they play today.

5. Kentucky. How far can one overtime victory take a team? A pretty good ways, as it turns out, since Arkansas's final collapse means the LSU victory is the only thing really of note on the 'Cats resume as of
now (and the only thing keeping them ahead of the next team on this list, who beat them). Game against Georgia is obvious chance to change that and I do wonder if they're due for another "Oh yeah, they do have an All-American at QB, don't they" performance.

6. Mississippi St. Yep, Miss. St.has had the sixth-best season-to-date in the SEC. If they beat Ole Miss--just Ole Miss--they will guarantee a finish better (via tiebreaker) than whichever Alabama school loses
the Iron Bowl and almost certainly the team with the best backfield in America. Astounding. Do not ask for whom Croom's voice tolls, SEC fat cats; it tolls for thee.

7. Auburn. It's a dire situation indeed when even Alabama's second straight loss to the Bulldogs can give us neither joy nor trash-talk ammunition. (Now I really wish the Tigers had beaten Miss. St.)
Here's hoping there's one more hill, one more high, for Auburn to crest over before this year's roller coaster train pulls into the bowl station. The good news is that no one's been better in recovery situations like these than Tubby; the bad news is that no one's been better in the situation (road underdog) the Tigers were in last week than Tubby, either, and look how that ended.

8. Alabama. Wilson vs. Cox in the Iron Bowl is the quarterbacking equivalent of a dance-off between sixth-graders on Red Bull smitten with the same girl: no one's going to fault the energy, enthusiasm, willingness, commitment, etc., but boy, no one's going to tune in for composure or technique, either. For all the horrible (and justified) things said about Shula, there's little question he did a much better job getting Wilson ready to play than the current staff has.

9. Arkansas. Whatever you think of Nutt or the Hogs, we can all agree it's a damn shame the college career of a once-in-forever talent like McFadden is going to end in a beatdown against LSU and the
Independence Bowl ... if the Hogs are fortunate enough to even get past MSU.

10. South Carolina.
One more year for Spurrier to prove he didn't lose
it all when he left the Gators. Because it's safe to say this year didn't do much for him. (As an aside, how on earth did this defense ever hold Georgia to 12 points? I mean, I know Jasper Brinkley was a great player and the team MVP and the eternal, undying soul of the Gamecock defense and everything, but still.)

11. Vanderbilt. Hmm, that upset of the 'Cocks looks just a wee bit less impressive these days, and there's nothing really else for them to hang their hat on. Does that mean the 'Dores are now due for their one Big Fat Upset of the year or that the potential for said upset was never really there to begin with? Two weeks to find out. But I wouldn't feel too confident if I was Tennessee (then again, I told Tennessee they'd lose to Arkansas, so never mind me.)

12. Ole Miss. Jevan Snead, your white horse is ready. Paging Mr. Snead, your white horse is ready.

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Richard said...

Well, damn, I do agree with everything you wrote except about how you ranked T. They are the Auburn of the East. I don't think they rate that high on gut-instinct (which, BTW, I had Auburn winning against LSU if that tells you anything about my instincts). Nevertheless, I think if you put money on what you posted, you'll be a bit richer than if you didn't.

War Eagle!