Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bad day

For starters, the number of legit threats in the SEC West now equals those in the East, minimum. And if Sylvester Croom's apparent investment in rabbits' feet, horseshoes, and leprechaun detectors pays off for a second year (despite evidence that his offense still isn't nearly good enough for long-term progress) and Bobby Johnson continues to inspire posts like these, perhaps there's more, in fact. A wizened scrapper like Nutt in charge of the talent Coach O assembled in Oxford is not good news for Auburn, not good news at all. Nutt's a gas and all, but I wanted him coaching someone on Auburn's schedule Never rather than friggin' yearly.

Har har har, isn't he crazy, ho ho ho, that Nutt's so funny, yuk yuk yuk ... Look, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye gets run over by the likes Matt Jones or Cedric Cobbs or Humanity Advanced to the tune of 700 yards or so.

So that was disappointing. Today has also, again, been sadly less than fruitful in the blogging-about-the Iron Bowl arena and I ask for your patience. Things will be done when they're done, I guess. I'll try to make it worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the site. Sorry for the late post but...you can't be serious about Nutt. Do you really think Ole Miss's talent is anywhere close to McFadden-Jones-Monk? If that's the best Nutt could do with those guys, Ole Miss is at square one again.

Carolynn said...

quoting those anomyous sources from arkanasas, it seems that t^2 will be the coach at Arkansas in 2012? About the same time the Riverchase Galleria has a Nordstrom's? It all makes perfect sense now.