Monday, November 26, 2007

Much ado about substantially less than nothing

So how determined was the Texas A&M administration to corral their reported "No. 1" candidate, Tommy Tuberville, for their football coaching vacancy? So determined, bound, heels-dug-in, won't-take-no-for-an-answer that they waited an entire weekend, like 36 whole hours, begging Tubby to come and save the Aggies before, faced with no other choice, they had to mournfully settle for "second" option Mike Sherman.

Cripes. What a tempest in a teapot small enough to fit inside a second, normal-sized teapot. (See, making the first one ... you know what, that wasn't my best analogy ever, let's just move on.) A&M committed so fast they should have held their press conference at a Las Vegas wedding chapel (ZING!). Bottom line: they never really gave a crap about Tubby and Jimmy Sexton has been laughing his gold-plated ass off for weeks watching the media follow his trail of bread crumbs. Spencer Tillman and Spencer Tillman's eyeshadow must be so embarrassed right now. Of course, he can always just start making up houses for Tubby outside of Fayetteville now. Maybe he'll give one of them some nice hand-painted shutters. I bet Tubby'd appreciate that.

All right, obviously I've still got a book to write on the beautiful, beautiful game Auburn played last Saturday (including a recap, scheduled for late this week) but it'll have to wait. Life, etc. Back tomorrow.


Live and Let Blog said...

tamu certainly ponied up for their new coach...1.8 mill, wow!

John Rogers said...

Jerry, why do you have to worry about real world things like a job or the ol' ball-and-chain. Can't you just blog all the time? Thanks!

Harrison said...

The media tries to control what we think, especially concerning the annual post-college football season football coach carousel. Finally we get this TAMU mess out of the way and what now? Just this afternoon I heard on my local sports talk radio show that Tubs is a top candidate for the Arkansas job since his only affiliation with Arkansas is that he lived there. Well I half expected this, but then they say that if Auburn loses Tuberville, they might go after Falcons coach Bobby Petrino. Yes, Bobby Petrino. Can you even believe that. No Auburn fan anywhere not on the board of trustees would let him back within 50 miles of our campus. That is absurd, and nobody except a stupid media pundit would consider that a possibility