Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FYI x2

1. I took part in the RBR Gay-O-Rama call-in thing-a-ma-bob last night. Click over and you can listen to the gilded tones of yours truly going over some of the points of yesterday's preview, as well as diversions into a potential choice for OC, blog names, and eventually my most favorite/least favorite Iron Bowl memories. If you've got the time.

2. The JCCW and the Mrs. JCCW are playing host to the Official Parents and one Official Brother of the JCCW for the holiday. I'd hoped to have something substantial up sometime today, but ... eh. It might happen, it might not. Apologies.

If it does happen, great, if not, have an awesome holiday and the JCCW will do its best to rock your Bama-hatin' face off on Friday and into Saturday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving, God bless, War Eagle.

1 comment:

PhilipVU94 said...

This is terrible because I really should hope that Vanderbilt makes the best bowl possible instead of getting passed around like some toxic waste that nobody loves, but I really kinda hope y'all beat them. Being back in Huntsville for Thanksgiving so I have to listen to all the hype probably has something to do with that. (Also, frankly, getting bumped from the Music City who absolutely doesn't want us to the Independence who might wouldn't be a horrible crisis.)

Be that as it may, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. War eagle, I think.