Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Power Poll placeholder

Wasn't planning on posting today--no time yet for anything of substance--but thought, what the hell, might as well toss up my ballot and comments I sent to Brandon at Garnet and Black Attack for the inaugural SEC Power Poll. Bear in mind that while giving it a bit more time in terms of thought, I dashed these comments out in about the same amount of time it took Antonio Coleman to make the end zone.


1. Georgia -- The Dawgs' defense and DC Willie Martinez were supposed to be the weak link. The weak link held the alleged best offense in the Big 12 to 14 points. Looks like a bona fide East favorite to me.

2. Florida -- No. 2 by default. Not that any score vs. WKU would have been that impressive, but no other SEC team really impressed, did they?

3. Arkansas -- Ahead by just six at the half vs. Troy, but woke up and cruised. Again, who below was any better?

4. LSU -- I'm just not buying it. The defense may be all that but I'm not sure it's any better than Auburn's and the offense didn't look close to SEC title quality. Crowton's crew is the No. 1 story-to-watch over the next couple of weeks.

5. South Carolina -- Expecting big things from Spurrier's bunch but boy, they didn't bring it vs. the Ragin' Cajuns at all. Another performance like that and they'll drop several places here. (I'm sure it's their top concern.)

6. Tennessee -- Torched, but torched by a terrific offense on the road and looked very, very capable on offense. Should maybe be higher.

7. Auburn -- Groves and Co. will not be able to bail out an offense that utterly inept every week. A three-game winning streak in which Auburn has been outgained every time is not likely to be four if the Tigers get outgained again.

8. Alabama -- Ready to move up when they play an actual opponent.

9. Vandy -- No differentiating these guys ...

10. Kentucky --- ... from these guys for at least another week.

11. Ole Miss -- Would have started them at the bottom if we'd done a pre-season poll, but the win over a Memphis team Phil Steele was in love with moves them ahead of the woebegone Bulldogs.

12. Miss. St. -- Just painful to watch.

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