Thursday, September 20, 2007


Wanted to get a decent post up today, but Real Life is making its usual rude midweek intrusions. Something will unquestionably be up late night tonight/early tomorrow, if everything goes smoothly something else tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, I cannot recommend highly enough the "Travels With Charley"-esque tales of Jonathan Tu, who is currently criss-crossing the country in the name of college football, song girls, and some the best damn sportswriting you will ever read on the Interwebs or off. Genius, in short, or at least the closest to it a PAC-10 fan can come.


Drew said...

Nice blog. Speaking of cheering us Auburn fans up, at least something good came out of the MS St. game

Jonathan said...

Hey, thanks for the link and the kind words. I'll be in Tuscaloosa on Saturday so if you guys want me to carry a dirty bomb or something just send a text.