Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SEC Power Poll ballot Week 2

Brandon's got the new SEC Power Poll up at Garnet and Black Attack. Here's the ballot I submitted after careful a half-minute's consideration:

1. LSU. Yeah, nevermind that bit last week about them being overrated. Holding the Glennon "Express" to seven points probably isn't that noteworthy, but hanging 48 on that defense is. Really did not expect the Bayou Bengals to be so dominant.

2. South Carolina. Is there a better win anywhere else on the remainder this list than in Athens over the Dawgs? Nope. Mitchell playing like the mistake-free intelligent senior QB Auburn fans thought we had.

3. Georgia. Oklahoma St. beatdown still worth far, far more than Gators' sugar-frosted W's. Moreno looks dangerous and still no major problems on D ... holdin Spurrier's offense to 16 points is still an accomplishment.

4. Florida. Not ready to make them the SEC East favorite yet after yielding 31 points to Troy. Still not a shred of reason to doubt Tebow (I always want to write "the Letter" after his name ... the guys from Athens will probably know what I'm talking about), Harvin, and co., but I wouldn't be surprised if ...

5. Tennesee. ... outscores them this week. The Vols aren't getting nearly enough credit for not really even being seriously threatened by a solid, CUSA-favorite Southern Miss team. If Ainge is on his game and the Vols can run at all, could easily see them winning a 35-31-type game Saturday.

6. Arkansas. Down from three on my ballot this week simply by virtue of not having the quality W's the teams ahead of them have, and struggling with Troy more than UF did.

7. Alabama. Good win, yes, but Wilson was abysmal the first half and the Tide were helped immensely by Nickson unraveling at the seams. Still, the running game looked sharp and with two home games ahead followed by the game against wretched Florida St., they could be 7-0 heading into the Third Saturday before anyone realizes what's happened. And yes, I'll have the rat poison sandwich. Make it a combo. Bag of Lay's and, uh, the medium cyanide Kool-Aid.

8. Auburn. Until Cox shows some sign of higher brain function, even having them ahead of Kentucky probably qualifies as a homer pick. That said, South Florida's not being given enough credit. They're not the Sun Belt team some quarters seem to be making them out to be.

9. Kentucky. Crushed a Kent St. team that had beaten Iowa St. Though the Cyclones also trailed 24-6 to I-AA Northern Iowa before losing by 11 this week, so I wouldn't recommend getting carried away, either.

10. Vandy. I suspect some SEC coaches might like to recast their vote for Pre-season All-SEC third team QB. Nickson was a complete disaster. Which is too bad, since it seemed the rest of Vandy was up for the challenge until the D wore out under Grant's beatings.

11. Mississippi St. My expectation they will win the Egg Bowl reaffirmed by Tulane win and late discovery of fluky nature of Ole Miss's W over Memphis (Rebels were outgained 467 to 275! Only Auburn is allowed to win like that.) So ...

12. Ole Miss. Offensive output more proof that Mizzou's defense still sucks than that Rebels are quality. At least, that's the way I see it.


Newspaper Hack said...

Blake Mitchell? Intelligent? I...I can't breathe...aaaaaaaaack.

Jerry Hinnen said...

I said like an intelligent quarterback. Lord knows I wouldn't accuse Mitchell of actual intelligence. It's a charge he'd defend to the death.