Friday, August 31, 2007

Back next week

Perhaps we could have had better timing.

But in any case, the Soon-to-be-Mrs. JCCW (boy, did changing her name to that take a lot of convincing) and myself are taking advantage of the Labor Day weekend to get in one last excursion into the wilds of northern Michigan before it turns, you know, completely bone-chilling n' stuff. (Better this week, I figured, than nearly any other on the SEC slate. I want the most for my GamePlan dollar, even if it is the first week of the season.) By the time we return and I've caught up at the jobbity job, it'll be mid-week. Vacation or no I'm going to find a way to watch the game, of course. But unfortunately, this means no immediate liveblog or recap or reaction or whatever.

I'd hoped to wrap up the A-U pre-view with a look at the SEC, but oh well, not much in the blogosphere goes completely according to plan. Maybe next week won't be too late. See you then.

And oh: WAR EAGLE!

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