Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Auburn fans, I promise I tried to find the time to put up some new Tiger-related content these past couple of days. For God's sake, I haven't even linked to this yet (HT to Jay), and for no particular This is exactly the sort of thing that has, in the past, turned into a big deal reason I was happier than a geek in a tauntaun costume giving George Lucas a ride to read it.

Well, maybe not quite this happy.

Maybe tomorrow. (Also, check out the weekend posts if you missed them.) For now, I need to thank the bevy of entirely-too-kind people who helped turn my Arrested Development post into, well, something people have actually read, which is still a rather new and exciting development 'round these parts.

Anyways, many thanks for both the link and the kind words to Todd at RollBamaRoll (who sort of got this thing, pardon the pun, rolling), Kyle at Dawgsports, Orson at EDSBS, Brian at MGoBlog, Oops Pow Surprise at the Hawkeye Compulsion (people who have excellent taste in Blogger template choice, I have to say), the Clinton Administration, Rumors and Rants, Epic Carnival, ATVS, the many anonymous message boarders out there, and Beau Dure at SportScope, which was nice because that will totally impress my mother. Special shout-out also to Michael Litos at CAA Hoops for keeping a beautiful straight face. Apologies to anyone I've missed. You are all wonderful people.


TideDruid said...

Just like in the movie!!

MGL said...

Eh, so I get a lot of Texas Hold 'Em invites...what can I say.

Few things in this world live up to hype. Arrested Development exceeded the hype. Matching the characters to SEC programs was insanely well done.

I just call 'em as I see 'em.