Saturday, August 04, 2007

How it's done

If you're looking for a more reasonable reaction to the Andrew Cumomo subpoenas issue than the Kyle King ax-grinding I mentioned last time out, it's available here from the Alabama blog Tide Druid. Druid points out what kind of activities could have triggered the subpoenas and speculates on what conclusion this little tempest-in-a-teapot could reach (most likely settlements between the involved universitis and Cuomo's student fund), but unlike Mr. King also manages to a) mention more than one school of the 40 who received subpoenas b) make one post highlighting the issue without drawing conclusions before later pointedly noting that this probably isn't an athletics issue c) not giddily imply that Auburn is going to show up throw all Mike Slive's pretty "No SEC Teams on Probation" presents into the backyard swimming pool. All that despite being blogging a team that has more to gain from Auburn landing in hot water than any other. See, Kyle, it's not that hard.

Hat tip on this goes to the outstanding new blog Best of the SEC Blogs, who also spent some time today pointing out just how wild Tristan Davis is going to run this year. As an aside, Auburn's punting and placekicking are 100% suspect until proven otherwise, but the often-seen "their special teams will be worse than useless" shorthand doesn't paint the complete picture.

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