Monday, June 15, 2009

Tweet tweet

As someone who's under the age of Get Off My Lawn and has spent the last three years and change writing a blog, it may surprise you to know that I don't consider myself all that technologically savvy. (Actually, given that this site's design is still stuck on "basic Blogger template No. 3" or whatever and the height of my "Photoshop" skills involves typing the word FAIL over Jay Jacobs' picture in Microsoft Paint, maybe that's not so much a surprise.) I don't think of the Internet as a giant collaborative, interactive network-slash-global community in which I plug myself in; it's more like an incredibly thick magazine delivered to my door three times a day named "A Ton of Stuff Jerry Would Love to Read." And I just happen to write for the magazines delivered to a few other people.

But even I can't ignore the Tide of Progress and the March of Technology and the Parade of Robots Are Our Future or whatever any longer. This is all my (very) convoluted way of telling you I'm now on Twitter at "@thejccw" or or however the cool kids are telling their cool friends they're on Twitter these days.

Anyways: links to JCCW updates, Auburn (and other) newslinks, and probably the occasional personal "status update" shall be available therein. Enjoy.


Marcus said...

As Samwise Gamgee said to Frodo, "Don't go where I cannot follow"!
Seriously though, I don't get the whole Twitter thing. As much as I like your blog, I don't really care what your doing right now... unless it's writing a new "Googling the recruits" piece or something equally brilliant. I'll keep getting my JCCW updates the way God intended, via the "Blogger #3 template" glory that is the JCCW blog.

jrsuicide said...

welcome to the year 2009, dude. suggested tweeters worth following are Andrew WK and Puff Daddy. they will inspire you in ways you can't possibly believe.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Marcus, you won't miss much "content" if you're not on Twitter. Besides, I plugged in an ugly-ass widget so you'll be able to see my "tweets" (ugh ... typing that felt awful) anyway.

jrs, I'll add Andrew WK asap. "Party Hard" is one of the great underrated songs of the past, oh, 15 years or so.

easyedwin said...

I do not have time for tweets. Marcus is right, I do not care what you are doing right now. Unless, of course, you are bailing on the "season of death".