Monday, June 29, 2009

This is your brain on U.S. Soccer

Brain yesterday*: Shaken, stirred.

Brain this morning, after watching my DVR of the Unites States national team taking a 2-0 lead on Brazil in the final of a (mostly) major international tournament, defending valiantly for the better part of an hour before our defenders' legs finally began to betray them, and finally losing 3-2 in devastating fashion: liquefied, minced, shredded, pureed, scattered smothered and diced.

It's OK. It hurts, but it's OK. Our day is coming**.

*No, when agreeing to drive as part of a group trip two months ago, I did not take into account the possibility of the U.S. playing Brazil in the Confederations Cup final that same Sunday. Go figure.

**If someone wants to start a collection to persuade Cuomo to record a new, more polished version with Altidore, Demerit, Feilhaber, Spector, etc. name-dropped instead of Eddie Johnson and Pat Noonan, I'll gladly chip in my $20 or so.

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