Sunday, September 07, 2008

You may want to stop talking now

Kudos to you, Southern Miss. You have a good football team with several excellent players, and you did not fold up your tents and steal your way back to Hattiesburg when you down 24-0 and had been comprehensively outclassed to that point. You could have, and few would have blamed you.

But see, that's the thing. You apparently forgot about the "comprehensively outclassed" part, at least to judge by your post-game comments:
"We had a chance to win the game," Davis said. "They didn't beat us. They played a good game but I think we beat ourselves more than anything."
Attention loudmouth: Your team was outgained by 75 yards. You gained 1.4 yards a carry. You were down 24-0 at one point and the only reason you weren't down 40 was the generosity of Auburn's running backs and a canary-brained special teams penalty. If our backup quarterback doesn't come in and immediately toss you that second-half lifeline, forgive me for thinking you'd have drowned in your goose-egg.

No, Mr. Davis, you did not beat yourselves. You were beaten by your opponent, the Auburn Tigers, who demonstrated over the first three quarters of the game that they have the potential to be a very, very fine football team indeed. There is no shame in losing to them, particularly in their stadium and when they play well. I suggest, Mr. Davis, you show them some respect. They weren't perfect and they still have much room for improvement, but they are going to win their fair share of football games. Including the one they played yesterday against you.

Just FYI: The knee-jerk won't be up until this evening. But it'll show up eventually.

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