Friday, September 19, 2008

Still begging

Those of you who have read this blog for longer than, oh, two days, know that I am headed to Auburn for my first Tiger game in person in three seasons. I'm coming down from Ann Arbor with three friends who are Michigan fans and have never been to an SEC game in their lives, but this is OK because one of them has fancy wireless internet thingy that works in the car. Which is where I'm typing this from. Look, there goes Troy, but the Ohio version!

But no, this isn't going to be a travel liveblog, which would be about as interesting as your parents' friends' slides from their trip to Myrtle Beach. It's a second request: I've got two tickets, but I still need two more. If you happen to read this, happen to have two LSU tickets you'd be interested in selling us, and can happen to e-mail me at jerry - at- sometime this afternoon or evening, that would happen to be freaking fantastic.

This will be the last post here before the game. See you on the other side.

War Eagle.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Jerry, sorry your first game in three years had to be a loss.

I kind of had a similar experience last year (final year as a student). I was able to get two away game tickets for UF and UGA but had to sell my UF tickets b/c of projects and tests that week.

So my first EVER away game was at UGA last year, which the game in itself does not need to be brought up in the least.

I saw alot of positives from this game and it's a long season. I'm nowhere near ready to jump ship or shout out the sky is falling.

I'll look forward to your return.


Michael I said...

Jerry - you were there, I was there, all God's chillen was there. Answer me these mystery questions:

Exactly how do we blow an 11-point lead?

Why did we kick away from Trindon Holliday (# 8) (mr. fumblitis) even after he was benched and replaced by Demetrius Byrd (# 3) -- could Eddie Gran not tell the difference (8...3...)? I know Durst was sick, but could Shoemaker have sucked any more?

Why did the Auburn defense stop harassing the LSU QB after we concussed the starter from Harvard? Did we feel guilty?

Wasn't it remarkable that Les Miles out-river-boat-gambled the River Boat Gambler? -- omg, we were played like a tool ...

Is Charles Scott registered as a weapon, or what? Rolling-ball-of-butcher-knives. Not sure how Scott went from SO-WHAT? to 9-yards of flying chinstraps, socks and shoelaces in the 2nd half... however.

Should Kodi Burns transfer to Samford? -- I hear we are playing them might be his best chance to actually play at Jordan-Hare, you know? said...

I think that it is great that you are doing something like that. I bet that it is an amazing trip and hope that you will enjoy it. but I wouldn't drive so much distance.