Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ain't 2 proud 2 beg

Not every day, but on a lot of them, I feel like something of a fraud calling myself an Auburn Blogger. This is for a very simple reason: while I devour Auburn news and watch as many Auburn games as I possibly can and wear an Auburn hat around the place where I live, I have not actually seen my beloved Auburn Tigers in person since the 2005 season.

There is a very simple reason, however, for this as well (click for big):

As simple a reason as that may be, I decided this summer it wasn't good enough anymore. So: your humble Auburn Blogger is coming to the LSU game to cheer his Tigers on in The Decider and hopefully write the awesome kick-ass Auburn travel post to end all awesome kick-ass Auburn travel posts afterward.

BONUS: Michigan's off that week, so I've convinced three of my Wolverine-lovin' buddies here in "A2" that they should come along. None of them have ever been to an SEC game in person. I figure Auburn-LSU at night at Jordan-Hare should be a reasonable introduction, don't you think? (In exchange for singing "Hail to the Victors" during U-M hockey games--Auburn doesn't have a hockey team, so I'm allowed to semi-adopt them, right?--they have agreed to lend their voices to Auburn's cause. They are, to use the most appropriate phrase I can think of, good people.)

There's one catch in all of this, and you've probably guessed it already: we need tickets. I've already exhausted my considerable Auburn connections (i.e. sent an e-mail to my immediate family asking "You know anyone with tickets?") and have come up empty, so I'm just gonna throw this out there: anyone got tickets?

I thought it would help my plea if I had the Mrs. JCCW take a funny picture of yours truly with one of those classic gameday "I need tickets" signs and the appropriate number of fingers held up. I thought, despite my inherent and overwhelming dorkiness, I could take a picture where I looked like the sort of person who was pretty desperate for tickets and was not a gigantic dork. I was wrong:


Lorenzo Lamas-like commenters of the RollBamaRoll comment threads, I await your verdict. Do your worst. For I am going to be at the Auburn-LSU game in a week and a half, and it will feel like coming home.

Assuming, of course, my friends and I can sneak in. I've never asked you, dear readers, for anything before. But I'm asking now. We'll pay a fair price and I'll make it up to you in some bloggy fashion: a post about a topic of your choosing, a poem written about your girlfriend or Mom you can give to her and say you wrote, something, whatever. E-mail jerry -at- if you can help. Thanks for your time.

Sorry, that's all the content for today--I'm off to watch the U.S.-Trinidiad World Cup qualifier and make PhillipVU94 jealous. Second half recap, a State Q&A, and a bunch of other goodies coming tomorrow, though.


Anonymous said...

hey I'm an Auburn student. I'm really good friends with Ben from The Pigskin Pathos. I work with ESPN for most of their games in which they cover Auburn. If I get contacted this next week about working that game and me and some friends get hired, then you can buy our tickets. They are student tickets. I will be leaving for Starkville on Thursday night to start working with 3 of my friends for the Miss St game. Hopefully we get hired for LSU and then you would have your 4 tickets. I'll let you know

Picture Me Rollin said...

Jerry, I'm admittedly slow, but after our "debate" on Hey Jenny Slater yesterday, I just realized that this is your blog. Rooting interests aside, this is a great blog. I really enjoy reading it and it is one of the places I go to check on all things Aub - you have to keep tabs on the enemy, right? Anyway, best of luck finding tickets and have a safe trip back to the promised land. Auburn-LSU should be a tremendous game. I'm actually glad that Alabama got Daved so that I can watch it without flipping back and forth or in PIP.

The Pigskin Pathos said...

I would just like to say that your jacket is classy as hell. My Dad wears them all the time.

PhilipVU94 said...

Ooh, yeah, I am jealous! I haven't been to many live soccer games since leaving the Northeast, but I was thinking of making one of the US games this year and/or one next year in the hexagonal.

Sue Gee said...

I don't think you look like a dork at all, Jerry,though I miss that face here at the Saline Reporter. Your desk is now mine. Mine is going in the trash. Your computer is in the trash. There's a flokati rug, lava lamp and leather couch in our office now. Stop by and say hello. Better wear your UM hat, though. Good luck w/ the ticket hunt. If I had them, they'd be yours. Say hi to the missus.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Anon: We may already be covered, startlingly enough. But please send me an e-mail.

PMR: Thanks for the kind words and I would encourage my readers to head in your direction as well to "keep tabs" ... and nice to know there aren't any hard feelings after our little back-and-forth.

TPP: Jacket? It's hard to tell, I know, but that's my favorite Auburn navy long-sleeve ... there's a small old-school Auburn logo patch (as in the eagle-through-the-A logo) which was supposed to be visible. A lot of things went wrong with this picture, I'm afraid. (This is not to say that a jacket that looked this way would not also be classy.)

Philip: If you ever get a chance you should totally check out some footy at Toyota Park: it's a tremendous soccer facility. Very, very impressed. That the U.S. coasted to a three-goal win didn't hurt, either.

Sue (Say hello to "real-life" friend Sue, everyone!): You're too kind. Good to know that computer's been trashed, though; that thing needed to be put out of misery.

As for the U-M hat: it's a HOCKEY hat. I'm no bigamist.

The Pigskin Pathos said...

I was debating whether it was a jacket or a long-sleeve shirt. Regardless, it is classy. Extra points for the old school logo.

Todd Jones said...

HAha, dork! Just kidding, I can certainly respect anyone that is willing to open themselves up to possible ridicule by posting their picture on the internets.

Sparky said...

Oh, Mr. JCCW, I'm going to capture and print that picture and hang it up in my office for all BSC to see.

Good luck. If you've got an excuse to wander over West Alabama-way--or even Central Alabama-way--let me know.